As the beautiful summer comes to an end and we all start to realize what time it is (back-to-school), we need  healthy-yet-delicious ways to get that brain fuel going! All of these brands are gluten-free, and many have vegan, keto, and paleo options as well. Below are the ONLY healthy back-to-school snacks you will ever want. 

Ella's Flats

Ella's Flats are a delicious brand that only makes their large crackers (also known as flats) out of seeds!! Seeds? That's right! So you get the amazing goodness of a flavorful snack, packed with extra protein and nutrients. They are also gluten free, vegan, and paleo. Yum!

Top with sweetness like peanut butter, banana, and honey or with savory delights like parmesan, turkey, and avocado. The perfect healthy back-to-school snack. 

Lily's Sweets

Shana de Urioste

Lily's Sweets is a gluten free chocolate company with no sugar. They sweeten their chocolate with stevia, a zero-calorie sugar substitute. Their chocolates come in many different milk and dark flavors. They also offer vegan options.

They now have peanut butter cups and chocolate covered nuts too. Well this definitely sounds like the perfect, healthy back-to-school snack to satisfy that sweet tooth when that mid-afternoon chocolate craving hits.


Nuts are definitely a brain-power source, but ever get bored of just eating a handful of plain almonds? Look no further than Justin's! Justin's is an outstanding company that has many different ways of making nuts interesting snacks. For starters, they have flavors of nut butters made out of various nuts, including peanuts, hazelnuts (their chocolate hazelnut butter is my favorite!), and almonds. They also offer fun additions to their flavors, like cinnamon almond butter and honey peanut butter.

Justin's is also a portable snack because their nut butters come in small packets. This means they are easy to take on-the-go.

They also have delicious peanut butter cups and chocolate covered nuts, even offering some dairy free options too! Delicious, flavorful, and definitely a back-to-school snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fun For All Foods

Shana de Urioste

The weekend rolls around, and you have your friends over for a movie night. That cupcake craving hits, but you don't want the whole mess of baking in your kitchen! Well, now you can make cupcakes easily with the Fun For All Foods baking kits. Their kits offer one to two cupcakes, along with a piping bag and a delicious frosting mix--and they are free from the top eight allergens. Now you can have a fun, quick, and easy girls or boys baking night!

Smart Sweets

Now this candy has definitely been getting some traction in the health industry. They only have three grams of sugar per bag, and taste just as amazing as the typical Swedish fish and Sour Patches!

Smart Sweets is just that: a smart sweet. It is the perfect back-to-school snack when that candy craving hits because of the low amount of sugar but the same great taste. They will give you that satisfaction without the sugar-crash! 

Almond Cow

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a delicious chocolate milk that was also healthy? Well now you can! Almond Cow is an at-home nut-milk maker. Just put soaked hazelnuts, cacao, and dates into the machine and in less than 90 seconds you have a deliciously healthy back-to-school drink!

But the possibilities are endless. Make healthy almond or oat milk for your cereal, and use the pulp to put in your next batch of healthy-ish cookies.

Lesser Evil

Lesser Evil Foods is an amazing alternative to the typical potato chip. They make their delicious snacks out of cassava flour, which means no grains but the same amazing taste! 

They also offer delicious, healthy popcorn, made with coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt. These loving ingredients give the popcorn an extra delicious taste.

Petit Pot

Petit Pot is healthifying the pudding industry! They offer dairy and vegan flavors of chocolate, mango passionfruit, lemon, and rice pudding. These cute jars are a delicious snack on the go, or an easy dessert for those after dinner munchies. 


Nush makes new and improved keto mini cakes. This means they only have 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of carbs per serving. They are easy and delicious to take on the go, offering fun flavors such as blueberry, peanut butter, and cherry almond. 

Fit Joy

This food brand offers the typical pretzels, but with a twist! They are made out of cassava flour instead of the typical wheat, corn, or rice flours. But I promise you, the taste does not change. If anything, it tastes better than the typical pretzels! You and your beach buddies will never notice the difference. 

Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites gives us mini snacks for all of our cheesy desires. But ever want just a little bit of a delicious meal? Well now you can! Their Brazilian cheese bread is little balls of tapioca flour and cheese, and their mini empanadas give you a mini Mexican holiday without having to go full out on a meal. And best of all, Brazi Bites is grain free. Healthy and delicious? A quick snack?That's a win-win.


Nibmor is changing the chocolate industry by offering healthy chocolate with simple ingredients like cacao butter and cane sugar. They have delicious flavors such as mint, sea salt, tart cherry, and blueberry. Their small servings mean that you can grab and go with your chocolate, without having to worry about eating the whole bar.

They also make healthy drinking chocolate. These babies come in a few different flavors (6 spice, mint, and dark), meaning you can never get bored. On top of all that, they taste delicious. Healthy chocolate? That's not overly expensive? Count us in!

Wow, that's quite a list! Now we can all go back to school and back to work with satisfied tummies. Thanks to the ever-changing food industry that makes healthy and delicious snacks to fuel our brains!