When it comes to food in Zurich, the first unique experience that comes to mind for most is the fondue and chocolate. Although both fondue and chocolate were experiences that I indulged in during my time in Zurich, they were actually not the most unique. There was one dining adventure during my weekend trip while studying abroad in Rome through NU.IN that stood out above all the rest - my unforgettable meal at Blinde Kuh. This extraordinary restaurant in Zurich is an experience like no other. The restaurant allows diners to explore all senses besides one: their vision.

Blinde Kuh, which translates to "Blind Cow," is not your typical restaurant. As you are guided into the dining room by holding on to the shoulders of the person in front of you, you are greeted by complete darkness.

The restaurant's mission is to raise awareness about blindness and the daily challenges faced by those who are visually impaired. To achieve this, Blinde Kuh employs blind or visually impaired servers who wait tables and to assist those dining with their meal. It is crazy to experience the employees’ precision throughout the process of serving beverages, placing down meals, and cleaning up the table.

At Blinde Kuh, the menu is a secret until after the meal. Since you are unable to see the meal in front of you, the only way that you were able to know what the food was is through your taste. Everyone had a variety of opinions on what the dish was from chicken to lamb to fish. “You feel, smell, hear and taste. You touch, explore, sense and dream. But you can't see anything.” Every texture, sense, and flavor is heightened through this experience.

I had many memorable moments during my weekend trip in Zurich, but dining in the dark at Blinde Kuh was the one food experience that I will cherish forever. And while I couldn't capture the experience with photos, the memories from that unforgettable evening will remain inscribed in my mind forever.