I'm half Italian, and for those who are not good at math, that's 50%. I have had my fair share of delicious Italian food in my house, cooked by my wonderful mama and inspired by my father's roots. The one food experience in Rome I will never forget is one of my favorite foods to this day. The one food that I had never had before I got to Italy, was burrata cheese. This is how I define burrata; a party in your mouth that is both satisfyingly messy and yet so divine like a fine wine.

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While studying and eating loads in Italy, I felt that I ate burrata with anything and everything I could get my hands on. Whether it was as an appetizer over bruschetta, or in my dessert, burrata is seen in every course of the meal. It is actually one of the most fascinating cheeses I've ever come across. 

Although my first experience having burrata cheese was in Rome, here are some of the delightful dishes and appetizers I had in other parts of Italy that somehow incorporated burrata.


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This dish was so silky and smooth. Raviolis are one of my favorite pastas, so pairing with shrimp and burrata was a winner for me! The sauce was so velvety that all the flavors created an explosion of happiness in my mouth.


Emily Sauchelli

Burrata with some good ole classic Italian bread is the best snack or appetizer you can have. The milky texture from the burrata seeps into the bread, which makes this pairing even more special. There is nothing like cheese running off the sides of your bread. That's when you know it's good!

Andria, Italy

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The origin of burrata dates back to the 1950's in Andria, Italy, known as the Bari province. Still to this day, this area holds the best spot for burrata production, according to the popular Italian eatery conglomerate, Eataly. Burrata can be described as a thin pouch of cheese that has been stretched to preserve the cream and rags leftover from mozzarella. The number one rule when eating burrata is you must eat it once it is served. Within 24 hours Orr else the cheese will give way and get ruined. It is one of those cheeses that is very delicate and refined to serve a purpose, i.e. being that it is similar to a pouch. Although it is a cousin of mozzerella, it is not the same consistency. You don't want to have a broken burrata cheese on your person because that would just be an unfortunate circumstance and one that is not necessary. 

The overall burrata cheese experience was a great one and a privilege. I never had experienced such happiness from eating cheese before. I suggest to everyone that they go dine out at an Italian restaurant that serves burrata, in any form. You won't regret it. It is possible to buy burrata in specialty Italian groceries/butchers so if your worried about spending money out, this is the way for you to dine in and enjoy this gem of a cheese. I hope you all enjoy this special anecdote of my time in Italy experiencing all that is burrata. I know I did. This is the one food experience in Rome I will never forget! I can't wait to go back to Italy and take part in this special experience once again.