Once you go to Italy, you will be dreaming about the food when you come home. There is nothing like it. This past Spring 2023 semester, I went abroad to Florence, Italy. I absolutely loved every moment of it and would not change a thing about my experience.

I have always been a major foodie, so while abroad, on walks by myself or with friends, I would observe the different restaurants and shops in passing. I also, of course, used everyone’s reliable source, Instagram and TikTok, for recommendations, as well as asking locals or friends in my program.

Lili Shmaruk

It is so hard to choose what my favorite dish was among the many pastas and unique dishes I have tried. However, one that stood out to me the most was my pasta from Osteria Pastella. I ordered a beautiful, creamy tagliatelle truffle pasta. It was specifically called “Tagliatelle Flambé al Tartufo.”

The chef came out with a cheese wheel and cooked right in front of us with a flame that reminded me of the ones you see on the onion volcanoes when you go to hibachi. She then shaved fresh truffles over the pasta. I have never seen a truffle being shaved first-handly. I have always been intrigued by truffles and have loved the indescribable, luxurious taste. I couldn’t get enough of this dish. If I could have this dish every day, I would.

The restaurant itself was so dainty and your typical, minimalistic, vintage Italian restaurant look. With white tablecloths and candles centered in the middle, it makes a perfect date night or even girls' night out.

If you are ever visiting Florence and are in need of a quaint, put-together restaurant with good food (even though there will be good food on every corner), then Osteria Pastella is the spot.