The holidays are over, people. Eating candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner has officially caught up with us. And while enjoying all of that glutinous food seemed justified in the moment, it's come time to frantically try and reverse the unhealthy food choices I've made for myself. And since long sessions on the treadmill won’t cut it, I have reverted to doing a post-Christmas juice cleanse to drain my body of every candy cane and sugar cookie that entered it prior. Here's how it went:

The recipes all came from Pinterest and require drinking plenty of water!

Breakfast: Celery, Spinach, Lettuce, Apple.

Tastes like: Gross but filling.

What it's supposed to do: Give you energy for the day while speeding up your metabolism.

Hunger level after: 0

Lunch: Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Spinach, Milk, Flax Seed

Tastes like: Not bad, but not a Big Mac.

What it's supposed to do: Get your metabolism going.

Hunger level: Still hungry. Counting down the hours until "dinner."

Dinner: Banana, Strawberry, Orange Juice, Flax Seed

Taste like: Yummy! This one tasted the best but filled me up the least.

What it's supposed to do: Continue removing the toxins from your body.

Hunger level: I want Taco Bell or honestly any solid food.

The Verdict

After completing this cleanse, I realized how important food is when it comes to not only how you look, but how you feel. This juice cleanse may shed some pounds, but I was not a happy person while doing it. Every time I saw pictures of food on TV or my Instagram feed, I instantly started craving it. Everything is good in moderation; next time you are looking to lose weight, try eating healthy (solid) foods.

#SpoonTip: The most important part of the juices were getting the right amount of vitamins. So, eating a salad or fruit salad is just a beneficial!

If you deprive yourself certain things, you are just going to want and crave those more, making it harder to stick to the diet.

It is not easy to switch up your eating habits, but thinking that you can quickly reverse them with a cleanse is just impossible. My advice? Cut the cleanse and get back on track the old-fashioned way.