We've all been there: your friends want to go out, but you had a night class and got home late. As they're putting the finishing touches on their outfits and makeup, you still have to hop in the shower, get ready, AND start pregaming. How are you supposed to do it all?

Enter "Shower Beer," the official beer for drinking in the shower, created by Swedish microbrewery PangPang and creative agency Snask. 

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Photo courtesy of Snask

The beer comes in an adorable brown and pink 18 cl bottle that is small enough to fit in your shower caddy or on one of your shower shelves. 

Designed to be sipped in three sips, according to Snask, this 10 percent ABV double pale ale will no doubt help you multitask on those nights you're pressed for time, or for those nights when you simply want to enjoy a craft beer in your shower. No shame there. 

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Photo courtesy of Snask

The catch? Shower Beer is currently available only in Sweden, which means that for now you're going to have to stick to your cheap beer of choice and this nifty shower beer holder. Here's hoping we see it in the US soon.