A Basic Bitch is defined as, “Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes.” Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for this hilarious, yet spot-on definition.

Is this you? No worries, girlfriend. We all have some #basic in us. Here is the scientifically researched list of the most basic food and drinks to know how basic you really are.

11. Almonds

Dinner on Air Canada…..

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Can you say ~superfood~? SO good for you.

10. Green Juice

Rise and shine! Early morning at #ScreamQueens ready to go with my green smoothie! Happy Monday everyone! ?☀️

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You probably consume this coming back from Cardio Barre or telling your friends about Cardio Barre.

9. Dark Chocolate

Self portrait. Suck it Picasso. #TooBadIForgotWhichSideMyMoleIsOnHashtagGenius

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Omg, did you know this is waaay better for you than milk chocolate? It’s like, super great for your heart.

8. Veggie Burger

Currently making this vegan burger with my awesome friend @jamieoliver on Ch4 right now! #veggie #vegan

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Because eating meat is so out. Check out these rankings of the top veggie burger brands here.

7. Açai Bowl

Mm mm mmmmm #yummy #food

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*Orders best looking bowl for maximum likes on Insta.*

6. Froyo

Froyo break! ?

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Not frozen yogurt. Froyo. Keep up.

5. Kale

“OMG these kale chips have cheese on them? I love kale.” Here’s a recipe to learn how to make your own.

4. Avocado Toast


3. Cheap Wine

Just don't tell anyone.

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*Starts a book club.*

2. Cookie Butter

OH MY GOD HAS ANYONE HAD THIS? It's like a spread made from the awesome delta airlines biscottis. CafeCrisp Specaloos. .

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“What do you mean you’ve never had it? *gasp* It’s so so so good. Let’s watch Sex and the City and eat it with a spoon.” If you just can’t get enough of it, here are ways to eat even more.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Busted. @todd_j

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It’s sweater weather, my basics.