Sometimes life hands you something you just don't want. Sometimes it's your professor, but recently for some of us, it's our new president. Unlike class, it's not something you can skip, so you have to make the best of it and this drinking game will help.

The Rules of the Game:

For this game, all you need is a cup of your favorite beverage. Whether your choice be beer, wine, or a mixed drink, all are allowed in this game. All you need is a group of friends, a phone or laptop, Twitter, and obviously be wearing a bathrobe.

Take a sip if:

-If Trump uses the word "failing" when talking about any company

-When ever Trump ends a tweet with a single word exclamation ("Horrible!") *Bonus: Drink again if it's a multiple-word command ("Cancel order")

-Talks about the ratings of his show

-If Trump is complaining that he or someone in his squad is being treated "unfairly"

-If Trump attacks a celebrity *Bonus: Drink again if it's

Meryl Streep or Rosie O'Donnell

-If Trump tweets "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" (in all caps of course)  

Take a gulp if:

-If Trump tweets about how, you know, he's wicked smart 

-If Trump acts like a middle school bully and nicknames a political rival (ex. "Fake Tears Chuck Schumer")

-If Trump promotes himself about appearing on a news show *Bonus: Take another sip if he ends it with "Enjoy"

Chug it down:

-When Trump admits to not knowing Putin *Bonus: Drink again if he calls him "V. Putin"

-If Trump talks about the "millions" of people that were at his inauguration

Take a shot:

-If Trump says "Fake News" *Bonus shot: If he also links a truly fake news story)

-Trump is tweeting about Saturday Night Live

-If Trump brings up the "millions" of illegal ballots cast and how the election was stolen from him

If you can survive this game, you can sure survive a Trump presidency, maybe. At least there's Trump Water to help you the day after.