Every city comes with its challenges, and NYC is no different...but probably not in the ways you'd think. Yeah you could hate the subway for complicating the city - I'm the navigationally-challenged friend that has taken the wrong subway one too many times. You could also find yourself annoyed by the one-way streets and plain general road rage for why you're left fearing for your life on your way to work. But the real challenge of NYC is that there are just WAY too many delicious picture-ready food places to choose from. New York City is one of the world's best food cities, and with every taste to satisfy literally any craving, eating out can become quite the overwhelming experience without the appropriate guidance from the many NYC food Instagram accounts. 

I've always been a foodie - I love a good cheese pull in slow motion on my feed, so living in NYC has been a non-stop food adventure. I'm always on the look for the best slice of pizza, most juicy burger, and creamiest pasta dish, and my tour guide has been my Instagram. Here are the NYC food accounts you HAVE to follow to be in-the-know about all things food!


This account truly covers all the food bases, whether you're craving a fancy over-the-top milkshake or the best baked ziti pizza in town. You can also discover true food innovation when you come across a picture of mac and cheese spring rolls.


I don't know about you, but if this account really thrives off of this beauty's love life, then I have some questions for her... The biggest one definitely being WHERE'S MINE?! I guess I should just plant myself in the middle of FiDi until a man with a big appetite falls head over heels in love with me. 

#SpoonTip: Yes, this Instagram points out the top spots for a great date night, but that does NOT mean you and your girls can't take over the scene. Food doesn't discriminate.


This feed is a beautiful compilation of Insta-worthy foods from the people of New York City themselves. Find the best boozy brunch...or the best brunch to soothe an aching head after a crazy night out. Discover where to find freshly-made tofu. Or come across the best charcuterie board (**cough cough** Eataly).


Melissa Bernstein, the woman behind the account, truly means it when she titles herself "Professional Eater". She knows EVERY hot spot in town, so much so I want her to be in charge of my social calendar. 


You have bagels, falafel, eggs benedict, dumplings, calzones, and these crazy delicious avocado boats topped with crab meat and spicy mayo. This list goes on forever with this NYC food Instagram account. And don't get me started on the poached egg explosions, cheese pulls, and syrup pours. 


This account goes out to the carb lovers wandering the streets of NYC for the best pasta and pizza dishes. Lo mein and ramen, to creamy garlic shrimp alfredo, truffle macaroni and cheese, and hand-made gnocci. There's a noodle fit for every occassion.

Whether your experience in New York City lasts a long weekend or a lifetime, never leave home without your appetite. You'll definitely need it (and your wallet) to live it like these NYC food Instagram account runners.