Hummus is a deliciously creamy and healthy snack composed of protein-packed chickpeas. Traditionally served in a variety of savory flavors including any and all ingredients that the heart desires, Delighted By Hummus is changing the world of hummus one sweet flavor at a time through the invention of their very own dessert hummus. Hummus usually includes chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, and lemon, and instead, Delighted by Hummus uses cinnamon, coconut oil, and vanilla beans to create a sweet twist on the classic favorite.

Currently, Delighted By Hummus creates dessert hummus in four flavors: brownie batter, snickerdoodle, choc-o-mint, and vanilla bean. Their mission is to create delicious hummus using conscious production methods, family-oriented team relationships, and never sacrificing company values for distribution growth and sales purposes. Delighted By Hummus products are made with real chickpeas, not from a can, are certified vegan, gluten-free, and kosher, and are made using no preservatives. They use raw turbinado and coconut sugar to sweeten their products and can be eaten either straight out of the package or on whatever food or cracker the heart desires.

So, in traditional Spoonie fashion, we tried this healthy twist on cookie dough ourselves and here's what we thought!

Brownie Batter

Made using chickpeas, coconut oil, water, coconut milk, organic turbinado sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, cultured dextrose (a digestive enzyme), sea salt, and nisin, brownie batter hummus is dense and fudgy and delicious all at once. This hummus is so delicious you can eat it with a spoon. Reminiscent of real brownie batter, if you're looking for a sweet, healthy treat and do not mind the slight aftertaste of hummus, this dessert hummus is for you. 


Comprised of chickpeas, water, coconut milk, turbinado sugar, sesame tahini, coconut sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cultured dextrose, sea salt, and nisin, this hummus tastes like cinnamon spice and everything nice associated with Christmas. It would be hard to call this hummus a true dessert hummus, as it feels more like cinnamon-flavored hummus than a dessert. However, if that sounds like the flavor for you, then eat this hummus up!


Made using the same ingredients as the brownie batter flavor with the addition of peppermint oil, this hummus is anything but ordinary and is sure to excite. The smell alone is enticing enough to eat this dessert hummus with strong notes of peppermint-infused with the smooth, creamy chocolate. It was almost as if you were eating mint pudding. 10/10 would recommend this dessert hummus!

Vanilla Bean

Reminiscent of vanilla frosting, this hummus made from chickpeas, water, turbinado sugar, coconut milk, vanilla extract, ground vanilla beans, cultured dextrose, sea salt, and nisin, is light and bursting with flavor. This hummus was my personal favorite, with strong notes of vanilla bean and a creamy texture. As someone who is always a fan of chocolate over vanilla, I was surprised to see how much I loved this hummus. I will definitely be adding this hummus to my repertoire of healthy desserts!

Delighted by Hummus is changing the world of hummus, one delicious flavor at a time. Creamy, protein-packed, and unbelievably tasty—who wouldn't want to hop on this new trend and substitute their favorite cheat day snacks with all of these delicious dessert hummuses? One thing is for sure: they are certainly going to be the hottest type of hummus flying off the shelves in 2018 once people realize how good they are!