Universal is releasing "Despicable Me 3" this Friday, and McDonald's Singapore is celebrating the new movie in style. Select Singapore locations will feature a McDonald's Minions Menu, and it's obviously all minion themed. Lucky customers have been using the hashtag #mcdgoesyellow to show their excitement, and I'm incredibly jealous.

Here are the cute af McDonald's/Minion collabs I wish we had in the US. Lowkey, I am considering flying there rn (please don't judge me, you're gonna want to too).

Minion Potatoes

These potatoes are actually the cutest things in the world. According to @shermainexk (who tried these babies), "they are basically mashed potatoes encased in a hashbrown-like exterior. Taste wise, they just taste like normal potatoes but they are so cute!! Personal tip - I like to dip them in curry sauce." Okay, jealous. 

Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Honestly, these don't seem that crazy to me. They are basically Chicken McNuggets with some spice, and though that sounds amazing, I don't think it's truly fitting of the Minions aesthetic. Others seem to agree, as these have been the least photographed food of the four on social media. 

Banana Pie

It's made just like the classic apple pie, but it has banana filling (...because Minions).

Banana Cone

With a yellow swirl and a blue cone, this Banana Cone is literally a frozen Minion. Obviously, it's banana flavored soft serve. Be sure to asked for it dipped in chocolate for an extra sweet treat. 

And The Best Part...

McDonald's is releasing a whole slew of Minion toys in each Happy Meal served. Luckily, McDonald's in the US is going to have minions toys tucked away in their Happy Meals as well!

The new McDonald's Minions Menu should get you hyped for Friday's release of "Despicable Me 3." Obviously we can't all fly out to Singapore, but a minion can dream. BANANA.