Walking to Chipotle to pick up your online-ordered food? That inconvenience is the news of yesterday with JoyRun, a community-based delivery app that hooks you up with food, kitty litter, earbuds, and just about anything else you need. 

As a community-based app, it’s perfect for campuses that have popular restaurants (i.e. Leonardo’s, McDonald's) and central hubs for students. It turns out that the stereotype of a lazy, broke and hungry college student is mostly accurate.

JoyRun is a quick solution for those days when time is short and bellies are starving. Simply see where someone is making a run, request food (or another tidbit), and chat with your runner to estimate time and location. Payments and tips are calculated through the app, so no awkward shuffling about as your runner delivers fresh Carnitas into your lap.

On the flip side, if you need some quick cash, complete a run for someone and watch as your balance skyrockets.

Here's The Deets

To find out more about this app, Spoon UF interviewed Elena Moore, a sophomore intern with JoyRun. The app was officially launched on campus two weeks ago, so her marketing team has been busy spreading the word about this savvy timesaver.

1. When was the app founded, and what was the inspiration behind it?

"It was founded about one and a half years ago at UC Davis. It’s a Silicon Valley app so it started in the West Coast and is making its way to the East."

2. How did JoyRun begin at UF?

"Last week was only the second week JoyRun has been on campus, so it’s super new. JoyRun was doing a Southeast focus (i.e. FSU, Alabama) since it’s mostly on the West Coast right now. They approached Phi Mu with this opportunity, and I eventually had a phone interview with the company. They ended up hiring 12 interns for UF JoyRun."

3. How do you think JoyRun will revolutionize college campuses?

"It will definitely make things more convenient for people. You can order anything at any time and tip is optional. Other places might jack up the tip, but we’re pretty inexpensive. It’s also good for the runner since they can make money without a formal job application."

4. How does JoyRun compare to normal online ordering apps (restaurant specific) or apps such as Tapingo? What is JoyRun doing to have a competitive edge?

"Tapingo is only for on campus, while JoyRun delivers anywhere within Gainesville and on campus. It’s also not exclusive to restaurants. We’ve delivered firewood for parties, fireworks on New Year’s Eve, a bag of apples…everything! The app definitely helps people who don’t have cars (like those off campus) and want a cheap delivery."

5. How can you get involved with JoyRun at UF?

"If anyone is interested in applying, email jobs@joyrun.com for more information. It’s a paid internship and you get extra commission for making runs."

Final Thoughts

Speedy delivery anywhere on and off campus for cheap? Now that’s an app I’ll actually download and use, not banish to the app graveyard with Pokémon Go and Candy Crush.

#SpoonTip: Use code JoyRun5 to get $5 off a run.