Is it your birthday? A friend's birthday? 

Well then, it's your time to shine as "Birthday Activities Coordinator" and yes, you deserve a ribbon if you can pull this off for your buddy or for yourself. As long as you drink safely, a birthday is great chance to have some fun.

If you're looking for something to do on a 19th birthday, these are five traditions of townies and honorary nine-month townies when they finally turn legal in the 'Nish. 

1.  Piper's Pub the Night Before

When the countdown until your birthday starts, so does the pre-game. After pre-gaming until midnight, you'll finally get to leave for the pub with all of the other 19 year-olds and up.

2. Free Breakfast at Snow Queen

Theres nothing like waking up and going to breakfast after a late night out to sooth the hangover and fill the stomach. Start your birthday right by getting a delicious and free breakfast from Snow Queen.

3. The First Trip to NSLC

Now that you're fully legal in Canada, you get to have the liberating experience of going to new places that you never could before, like the NSLC

4. Ice Ice Baby

Smirnoff Ice, some people love it, some people hate it. Many of those who dislike it may feel that way because they've been "iced". Icing is a ritual in which someone surprises another person with a Smirnoff Ice, the person surprised then gets down on one knee to drink the whole bottle. I always imagine the song "Ice Ice Baby" in my head. 

5. The Muff Dive

Everyone loves going to Boston Pizza to have a drink a group of friends, but, there is one drink that the newly-legal like to celebrate with more than any other. Yes, I am talking about the Muff Dive. A shot inside of a margarita glass, filled with whip cream. Good luck, and be ready for a mess.

I hope you all have or have had fun on your 19th birthdays here in the 'Nish with some of these traditions. Just remember to drink safe, and you or your friend will have a 19th birthday to remember.