Sunday is my favorite day of the week because of brunch, but what makes it even better is Eggs Benedict, my go-to when I'm brunching. With countless visits to many brunches in Miami I've come to discover some pretty unique Eggs Benedict that aren't the classic English Muffin, Poached Egg and Hollandaise sauce. So without further ado, here are some of the most unique Eggs Benny in Miami. 

Bacon Cheeseburger Benedict

Believe it or not, this is considered an Eggs Benedict, but this one is done Boss Burger style. You can find this absolute gem at Boss Burger & Brew in Miami Lakes. They take Eggs Benny to the next level by throwing in a whole burger and some bacon to top it all off. The juicy burger topped with that runny egg is just a match made in heaven. 

Croqueta Cake Benedict 

This Eggs Benedict is just so unique to Miami. If you don't already know, croquetas are the best things ever, so throw in some poached eggs on top and I'm sold. The croquetas just add so much flavor to the eggs, it's fantastic. You can find this amazing dish at Sansara which is a pop-up Cuban-fusion restaurant in the Gables.

#SpoonTip: Check out their Instagram for hours and opening dates 

Bird & Bone Eggs Benedict 

What makes this Eggs Benny unique, besides its beauty of course, is that it's served on a fried green tomato. It's also topped with a mound of prosciutto. Every aspect amazingly blends together for that perfect bite. It's just packed with so much flavor in between the yolk, sauce, tomato, and prosciutto. It is truly amazing. You can find this beauty at Bird & Bone in Miami Beach.

Carbonara Eggs Benedict

Lauren Diaz

This dish is just a dream, mostly because of the truffle. In my opinion, truffle just adds that little extra flavor and is good on everything, including Eggs Benny. This was the perfect savory brunch with some crunchy bread and smooth truffle sauce on top. This one can be found at Eating House in the Gables, which also serves up some other unique brunch dishes. 

Pork Belly Benedict Bao

This is the only one I have not personally tasted, but it's on my list. I mean look at those buns, they look incredible. This awesome dish can be found at Tanuki. I have been there for dinner and I have to say it did not disappoint, so by the looks of it I feel like these buns will be great.

This completes my list of the most unique Eggs Benny in Miami. Hope you all enjoy and please comment if there's any I've missed because I'm always looking for some good brunch. Here's some #yolkporn as a parting gift... 

Happy brunching!