You can find everything on Instagram: The Kardashians, endless amounts of food porn, even the renowned Dr. Pimple Popper. But of all of Instagram's treasures, vegan memes are by far the most funny and satirical.

While I am only a vegetarian (yes, there is a difference), my brother sends me these memes daily in attempts to poke fun at my vegetarianism. To preface this, the following memes make a mockery out of veganism—and in no way describe the typical vegan lifestyle—but are just too funny to ignore.

1. The Water-Abusing Vegan

Vegans are total resource-guzzlers. Consuming all of Earth's water and, even worse, eating all the plants. They live such selfish lives!

2. The Preaching Vegan

Just a loyal follower trying to preach the word of veganism. I applaud his dedication, committment, and patience.

3. The "Did You Know I'm a Vegan?" Vegan

Vegan: Did I mention I was vegan?

4. The Kid We All Knew and Despised in Elementary School

I was destined to fail math anyways, but would have greatly appreciated a sense of false confidence. Thanks anyways! 

5. The Adventurous Eater

"I just really like the earthy taste; it adds to my vegan aesthetic."

6. Just A Vegan Helping Out His Fellow Vegan Friend

"Maybe if we go into down dog I can get a better angle, that tofu's really lodged in there, man."

7. A Thought-Provoking Question For Vegans and Non-Vegans Alike

I'm truly stumped here. I've got my money on CrossFit but will have to do some more vegan investigating before I can confirm.

Veganism is on the rise, alongside a growing number of yoga-related deaths and granola scarcities. Only time will tell if these trends continue to increase.