Marketers can get very creative to say the least, especially when their target audience involves youth. But this is what drives the creation of some of the most unforgettable and animated commercials of all time. Take a stroll down memory lane, with my pick of eleven of the most epic food product commercials from childhood that we can never forget!

1. Kool-Aid

The Kool-Aid man was fifty percent terrifying, fifty percent lovable. Besides the Kool-Aid man, who could forget those indisputably "kool" reflective pouches that could be flattened when finished. The only un-cool thing was if the straw bent and you can't poke a hole through the pouch.

2. Trix

Oh that silly rabbit. One of the most awesome aspects of these brands and commercials is the interactive activities that came with the product. You got your cereal, but also something educational and fun to do online as well.

3. Cocoa Puffs

Who wasn't coco for Cocoa Puffs? The best part of  this cereal is when the munchy, crunchy, chocolatey cereal turns your milk into a sweet chocolate milk.

4. Danimals

Crrr. The young Spouse twins crushed it and this commercial will always stay a part of everyone's childhood memory. In reality though, you could only crush the cup so much, leaving you unable to reach the yogurt on the bottom or sides.  

5. Lunchables

The Lunchables Brigade ads had me completely sold on how amazing Lunchables were as an adolescent. Lunchables were what the cool kids had for lunch. Only those cardboard box packages could make Ritz crackers with cheese and ham slices or a cold build-it-yourself pizza with a squeezable sauce packet look delicious.

6. Chef Boyardee

I distinctly remember this Chef Boyardee commercial on repeat when I used to watch shows on the PBS kids channel. If only my food could come to me!

7. Eggos

When I hear "Eggos," either Stranger Things or this commercial comes to mind. Who knew there were so many variations of this commercial.

8. Lucky Charms

What can get better than marshmallows in your cereal? Did anyone notice that the Lucky Charms Leprechaun sounds awfully similar to the Sonny from the Cocoa Puffs commercial?

9. Airheads

Airheads were iconic. They were just strips of fruit flavored taffy but these explosive commercials hyped them up big time. And what kid doesn't like a boat load of sugar packing in a chewy stick?

10. Baby Bottle Pop

Hearing the Baby Bottle Pop tune brings me back to the baby days. Not only were these candies sugary deliciousness, but they came in the cutest form: a baby bottle.

11. Goldfish

It's the snack that smiles back! After animating this snack into adorable floating fish, I felt a bit guilty for consuming the snack... but they're so appetizing. Did you know you can find all the episodes of these goldfish clips on Youtube?

With the rise of YouTube and online streaming and the slow decline of television, we see less commercials. In some ways this is great, but we at the same time, we miss out on these commercials that make up a part of our childhood memories. Which commercial brought you the most nostalgia or are there any iconic commercials we missed?