What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen, except at Little Caesars, apparently. These three guys had a secret little dance party in the back that went from kinda cute to weird af real fast. 

According to Eater, the video started to take off when it was first posted to YouTube last month, but received more attention when it was posted to Twitter by @lordflaconegro with the call out: "Hey @littlecaesars I left my phone at one of your establishments and this video was uploaded on my ICloud help."  

The tweet by @lordflaconegro was a joke, according to Refinery29, so we're still not exactly sure who these guys are or which location they're at. But tbh, these guys dancing in the back is pretty hilarious and looks like a great freaking time. My only concern is for these guys' jobs! No word yet if they still work at Little Caesars. 

This isn't the first time the pizza place's employees have been caught groovin' on the job, however. Over the years, several people working the sign outside have been caught dancing for drivers passing by. A quick YouTube search garners TONS of them.

So I guess the takeaway here is that if you want a fun job or have some serious dance skills, you should look into working at Little Caesars.