With the final weeks of the semester right around the corner, it's hard to stay focused when all you want is school to end and for it to finally be summer. As classes drag on for what seems like an eternity, we look to the only man who can help express our college woes: The Food Network star and Flavor Town Ambassador, Guy Fieri. With his well groomed goatee and hilarious facial expressions, Guy Fieri perfectly describes the final weeks of the spring semester.

When all of your professors assign work due on the same day:

Bruhhhhhh how do you expect us to finish five papers and three homework assignments all by next week and still find time to eat?

When your paper is due at midnight and you haven't written the conclusion yet:

Trying to quickly tie the paper together, you awkwardly throw in buzzwords you heard your professor say. You also slide in a lot of “therefore's” and “thus's”  into the mix and hope for the best.

How you dress for class vs. when you meet with your advisor:

You gotta make it seem like you have your life some what together when you meet with your advisor. So slick back your frosted tips and put on your best button up shirt with flames and get in there.

Pulling all nighters has finally broken you:

All the lack of sleep is making you lose your mind. Try to stay awake with homemade cold brew coffee.

Coming to the conclusion that you should just drink your problems away:

Vodka might not be the answer, but its worth a shot...or five. Try making some shots that taste like your fave childhood cereal to help get through the semester.

When your professor says the final isn’t cumulative:

Now you only have to cram half as much and forget all the other stuff you learned. Thanks, professor!

After finals are over:

Peace out college, and hello Flavor Town. You can finally relax and participate in some summer activities like a perfect BBQ that's Guy Fieri-approved.

I know it seems tough, but with the help of Guy Fieri, we can all make it through the last few weeks of the spring semester.