In the US, many states allow prisoners on Death Row a final meal of their choosing. While some restrictions apply depending on the state (i.e., total cost, whether the items are available locally, etc.), inmates are free to request anything from the borderline diabetic to the outright bizarre. Check out what these serial killers were *dying* to have for their last meals.

Timothy McVeigh – Ice Cream

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McVeigh, the infamous Oklahoma City bomber, was charged with 168 counts of murder after bombing a federal building because of his hatred of the government.

For his last meal, he requested two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Adolf Eichmann – Wine

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Eichmann was one of the key organizers of the Holocaust, implicating him in the death of millions.

For his last meal, he requested a bottle of red wine.

John Wayne Gacy – Fried food

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Over the course of his life, Gacy – a former KFC manager – murdered 33 young men and boys, often while dressed like a clown. He then buried the bodies under his house.

For his last meal, he requested 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC fried chicken, french fries and a pound of strawberries. He was never told whether or not the fried chicken was actually from KFC.

Aileen Wuornos – Coffee

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Wuornos, a former sex worker, was charged with six counts of murder, which she claims were all in self-defense.

For her last meal, she refused to eat in protest of the abusive treatment in the prison, opting instead for a single cup of black coffee.

Ted Bundy – The Works

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Bundy, one of the most infamous and charismatic serial killers in history, was given the death penalty for three counts of murder. However, by the time he was actually executed, he had confessed to killing and raping over 30 women.

For his last meal, he refused to make a special request, so he was given the standard last meal on Florida’s death row: steak done medium rare, eggs over easy, toast with butter and jelly, milk, coffee, juice, and hash browns. He did not have a single bite.

Delbert Teague Junior – Cheeseburger

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Teague was described by prosecutors as a “one-man slaughterhouse” because of his unparalleled violence toward his victims.

For his last meal, he initially refused to eat, until his mom came and yelled at him. He then begrudgingly requested a cheeseburger.

David Edwin Mason – Water

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Mason was charged with four counts of murder after robbing, beating, and strangling four elderly people. He also later killed another prisoner while awaiting his death sentence.

For his last meal, he requested a glass of ice water.

Karla Faye Tucker – Salad and fruit

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Tucker, a born-again Christian married to a minister, was charged with two counts of murder after killing two men with a pickaxe.

For her last meal, she requested a salad, a peach, and a banana.

Victor Feguer – One olive

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Feguer, the last person to be executed in Iowa, was charged with murder after abducting and killing a doctor.

For his last meal, he requested a single olive with the pit left in. He believed the pit would grow an olive tree inside of him, ironically symbolizing peace.

If you want to see more last meals, you can check out artist and photographer Henry Hargreave's work. In his project "No Seconds," he recreated and photographed notorious murderers' last meals.