You've probably heard that green tea is good for your health. It's supposed to be good for your skin, but there are actually a lot of other benefits as well. But what is in this delightful drink that makes it so special? Here are some of the perks of switching to drinking green tea for your daily caffeine fix. 

1. May Prevent Memory Loss

Green tea, as well as black tea, has been found to prevent the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is strongly linked to memory. There is also evidence suggesting that green tea could be a viable treatment for Alzheimer's. This study found that by drinking green tea, people reduced their risk of neurocognitive disorders by 50%, and their risk of Alzheimers by 86%

2. Protects from Free Radical Damage

Green tea contains a flavonoid called epicatechin, which has been tied to memory benefits in mice. It was more recently discovered that epicatechin is one of the few flavonoids that can cross the blood-brain barrier, and may protect brain cells from free radical damage. 

3. Prevent Diabetes

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Diabetes results in insensitivity to insulin, which is important to regulate blood sugar levels. Both insulin and sugar have negative effects on the cardiovascular system, and can lead to serious problems in the long term. Green tea contains flavanols and anthocyanidins, which help normalize blood sugar levels. Green tea actually improves insulin sensitivity, and can lower the risk of having type II diabetes. 

4. Prevent Risk Factors of Heart Disease

Green tea is known for its antioxidants, but did you know these antioxidants can help prevent heart disease? Antioxidants prevent LDL cholesterol from being oxidized, which is a major cause for heart disease. More general studies show that green tea lowers overall cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease

5. Improved Brain Performance

Most people reach for coffee when they need a caffeine fix, but it might be better to reach for some green tea. Green tea contains just the right amount of caffeine to boost productivity without the negative effects, such as anxiety, that are associated with coffee. 

6. Reduce Risk of Cavities

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Catechins, which can be found in green tea, have been proven to kill bacteria. One bacteria of interest is Streptococcus mutans, which causes plaque formation. Catechins have been proven to inhibit their growth, reducing your risk of getting cavities. 

7. Protect Skin from the Sun

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), along with other polyphenols founds in green tea, have been found to have protective effects against UV radiation from the sun. EGCG protects from UVA and UVB rays, acting essentially like a sunscreen. 


Knowing all of this, no wonder green tea is the go-to drink in Asia. As we are becoming more and more aware of its health benefits, maybe it will replace coffee. 

If you're not a fan of the taste, here are some great ways to make green tea taste better.