The most stressful part about a backyard BBQ is deciding whether to choose a hot dog or a hamburger. Both are all-American favorites and the decision usually ends with both piled high on your plate. Mark Murray decided the constant indecision was too much and invented a genius solution: the Hamdog

Murray first pitched his idea for a hamburger and hotdog bun hybrid on an episode of Shark Tank Australia. They did not believe he could make this a successful product.

Luckily for us, he continued on  his pursuit of greatness and has brought his invention to life. The Hamdog is a hotdog combined with a hamburger split down the middle, all on one handmade bun. There is already a patent for these novelty buns, and they are currently being sold in Murray's hometown of Perth, Australia.

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This grilling revolution is still in the early stages, so they're currently sticking to the classic condiments like cheese, lettuce, mustard, and ketchup. But, the Hamdog has the potential to open a new door in the condiment world.

The best part about grilling is mixing up your toppings, and now the combinations are endless. Check out how to spice up your Hamdog in some seriously delicious ways

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The demand for the Hamdog has allowed it to spread all across Australia, and attempts to make it available worldwide are in the works. Despite initial speculation, people everywhere are dying to to try this new grill mashup. What was once just a quirky idea is now changing the way people will grill. Murray's only worry now is which part to bite into first

Start working on your hand placement for this badass combo because it will hopefully be available in The States soon. The Hamdog is the way of the future and the possibilities are looking endlessly delicious.