Just four minutes from Colby College, perched on the left hand side a mile or two up Kennedy Memorial Drive, lies The Green Spot, Waterville's most precious gem and home to the town's greatest lobster roll, a plethora of baked goods, and the two kindest shop owners—and sisters—you'll ever meet. 

The Green Spot has everything from prepared foods to crisp produce to loaves of freshly baked breads and sweet or savory croissants. Not to mention a wonderfully overwhelming variety of wine and cheese. This shop is one of those slightly secret spots in the charming state of Maine that if you're not careful, you just might miss.

Whether you're gathering items for a lakeside picnic, throwing together a last minute birthday dinner for a friend, or showing your parents around your college town, The Green Spot is the first place you should stop by, and here's why.

1. It's perfect for an impromptu picnic.

water, cake
Walker Foehl

The large selection of prepared foods at The Green Spot is one of many reasons for the store's success. Offered here is an outstanding curried chicken salad along with tomatoes and mozzarella, stuffed grape leaves, and numerous other dishes.

2. They have the best lobster roll around.

lobster, sandwich, bread, shrimp, meat, seafood
Kelly Gibney

To satisfy that lobster roll craving every shellfish lover gets upon entering the state of Maine, head to The Green Spot for your fix. A buttered, toasted bun is stuffed with fresh lobster and seasoned to perfection.

2. There's a variety of homemade breads.

bread, bun, dough, pastry, brioche, wheat, flour, sweet
Madeleine Cohen

Whether you're looking for loaves of roasted garlic ciabatta, cheesy bread, or classic sour dough, stop by The Green Spot and choose from Waterville's finest and freshest assortment of bread, offered daily.

#SpoonTip: Get there early for the best selection!

3. There is an astounding cheese selection.

dairy product, milk, cheese
Madeleine Cohen

From truffle goat cheese to wedges of brie and blue and everything in between, The Green Spot has what you need for the ultimate cheese party. They are also stocked with crackers and jams galore for you to serve alongside your cheeses. 

4. You'll Find Only the finest produce.

vegetable, pasture, apple
Madeleine Cohen

For another addition to that last minute picnic you're throwing together, grab some fresh fruit before heading out. Strawberries, apples, cherries...Anything you can think of, The Green Spot has it.

5. There are endless bags of goodies.

chocolate, cookie
Madeleine Cohen

Nosh on bags of flavored nuts or dried pineapple, gummy bears or Swedish fish, Jordan almonds or apricots—really any snack you can think of. Chocolate-covered or sugar-coated, salty or sweet, they've got it all. 

6. They bake dozens of cookies.

biscuits, sweet, cookie, bread
Madeleine Cohen

Along with breads baked daily and by the dozen are an abundance of mouthwatering cookies. Coconut, peanut butter, toffee...Just about every great flavor is baked into their sweet treats.

7. Their ice cream is homemade.

beer, wine, milk, dairy product
Madeleine Cohen

Espresso pinenut, local honey, fig orange, cinnamon, melon, coconut, and many more, the array of homemade ice creams at The Green Spot is killer. Their must-try flavor? Creme caramel.

8. Their wine selection will impress even your parents.

beer, wine, alcohol, liquor, whisky
Madeleine Cohen

If your parents are in town and are looking for a selection of wines to accompany those cheeses, The Green Spot is the place to come. Or, forget the parents and have a wine and cheese party of your own. 

9. They've got nuts and nut butters galore.

cereal, vegetable, legume
Madeleine Cohen

Add these nuts to your hors d'oeuvres platter or enjoy The Green Spot's homemade nut butter. Smooth and creamy, this peanut butter—and chia seed butter—will soon be your go-to spread. 

10. They've got pies on pies on pies (small and large).

pastry, sweet, cake, dough, bread
Madeleine Cohen

Raspberry, blueberry and apple are just a few of the many delicious pie flavors offered at The Green Spot. Indulge in these delectable desserts or grab one as an impromptu pick-me-up for a friend. Whatever you get them for, these homemade pies hit the spot every time.