Do you what all the cool and trendy kids are doing on Wednesday nights these days? They're not heading to the bars or throwing ragers or doing other hip and wild things. They're changing into their PJs, opening a bottle of wine, and watching the television sensation that is The Great British Bake Off.

As the final approaches, anxiety levels are nearly as high as the sexual tension between Selassi and Benjamina. I know I barely held it together during Val's departing speech (OK, I didn't hold it together at all, I'm only human), and watching Louise present a gingerbread house that looked like the demolition company had paid it a visit was too uncomfortable. So I'm fully aware that to get us through the final few rounds it's going to take something special, something uplifting: something like a GBBO drinking game.

Fill up your glasses kids, the end of the GBBO as we know it is approaching and we need to drown our sorrows. Follow the rules below for a seriously ~lit~ Wednesday night in.

Take a sip whenever:

1) Mel or Sue give the camera the side-eye

2) Someone drops a cooking utensil

3) They show the cartoon cookbook with the contestants' planned bakes

4) Candice says she's 'really happy' with something, or when she says she's not happy. Or when she pouts. OK, Candice basically = black out.

5) Paul or Mary says something's 'interesting'

6) Mel or Sue make a pun

7) The technical challenge is something you've never heard of

8) The technical challenge is something the contestants have never heard of 

9) Mel or Sue roast Paul

10) Mel and Sue say 'On your marks, get set, baaaaake'

Take a shot whenever:

1) Mary Berry bites something with the side of her mouth

2) Paul says something is a 'shame'

3) Mel or Sue make an innuendo (come on you guys, this is a family show)

4) Selassi and Benjamina openly flirt (see above point)

5) Someone forgets to add an ingredient

Halfway through:

1) Predict Star Baker. Whoever's right can choose someone to down their drink at the end

2) Predict who's going home. Whoever's right can make someone of their choice take a shot at the end

Finish your drink whenever:

1) Someone burns something

2) Someone doesn't finish the challenge

3) Someone cries (including any members of your viewing party — it happens OK?!)

4) Andrew brings charts and diagrams in to help with his bake

5) Someone watching makes a comment implying that they could do better. Then tell them to shut up and educate themselves.

Waterfall your drinks whenever:

1) It's raining outside the tent

2) Mary and Paul discuss the technical challenge at the table with one of their pre-made bakes

3) Paul chews for ages and looks the contestant right in the eye, smirking, before saying anything

Good luck, my Very Merry Berries, don't do anything Paul wouldn't do.