I'm sure you've heard of iced coffee, but I know you're probably wondering: what exactly is cold brew? For an in-depth breakdown, check out Spoon's very own article to find how cold brew is prepared, how its flavor is unlike the traditional iced coffee, as well as details from caffeine levels to acidity. Easily made in a mason jar or french press, this drink will definitely kick start your day. 

Equator Coffees & Teas

Katherine Luo

Notes: dark chocolate, hazelnut, berry 

Price: $3.25  

With a bold fruity flavor, which quickly rounds out to a deep dark chocolate, this was my favorite cold brew of the bunch. Equator's brew had no hint of burnt, bitter flavor and the bean's notes really shone with each sip. If you love rich roasted flavor, this is definitely the one for you, too. 

Peet's Coffee

chocolate, tea, beer, coffee
Katherine Luo

Notes: plum, stone fruit

Price: $2.00

In comparison to the other options, Peet's had the most bitterness, which I tend to stray away from. The texture of the brew itself was less smooth, and overall the flavor was less developed. But if in need of an inexpensive, widely accessible option, this may do. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

beer, tea, espresso, coffee
Katherine Luo

Notes: milk chocolate, fruity

Price: $4.00

I was most excited to try Blue Bottle's take. While they sell the New Orleans, already swirled with milk and sugar, I took mine black, the Three Africas. What surprised me most was how easy it was to drink. Not only was it fruity in flavor, but light overall. This option would be perfect for someone who is new to the cold brew scene, or finds coffee to be too acidic or heavy. Also, I feel that this option would take to cream and sugar best. To find out how to make Blue Bottle's at home, follow their how-to guide!

1951 Coffee Co.

ice, espresso, tea, coffee
Katherine Luo

Notes: cranberry, dark chocolate

Price: $4.00

Using Algorithm Coffee's blend, crafted right here in Berkeley, 1951's cold brew really carries its own in terms of flavor. The initially tart taste quickly transforms into a deep chocolate flavor. Without a hint of bitterness to be found, this is a truly a fruity bean, typical for California. If you're a fruity coffee fan, 1951's option is the perfect fit for you.

Ultimately, cold brew all comes down to preference. Personally,  I was blown away by Equator's deep, rounded flavor. The rich chocolate notes really make the drink enjoyable, and it truly delivers on flavor.

So next time you're in need of a caffeine kick, I'd recommend you stop by Equator, Peet's, Blue Bottle, or 1951 for a truly unique brew.