I, for one, absolutely love ginger. I genuinely feel a difference in my body when I incorporate ginger into my daily diet, and with the beginning of the New Year what better time than now to hop aboard the ginger-train and experience this life-changing ingredient for yourself?

It has long been noted by multiple health officials and publications that ginger soothes the stomach, calms nausea, can reduce muscle pain, potentially lower blood sugars, and solves indigestion. Not only have I witnessed many of these effects first-hand, I have felt an overall sense of health and stronger immune system when I add splashes of ginger here and there throughout my diet. 

Option One: The Ginger Chew

Elise Huff

Bored? Hungry? Stomach problems? Eat a ginger chew! All joking aside, these little candies are seriously amazing. They are a great way to ease a ginger-skeptic towards trying out ginger in his/her diet. The best part? These little chews are tiny and easy to throw in your purse in case you’re feeling a little under the weather later in the day.

Option Two: The Ginger Shot

Elise Huff

Now, you can buy these from any grocery store with other healthy food products. I got these shots at Whole Foods because they were simply pressed ginger and lemon, and the fewer ingredients, the better. However, many times these shots are coupled with turmeric, a spice that is also noted to have positive effects on your body, yet as I happen to be allergic to all spices, I had to pass on that for now.

Option Three: Ginger Beer 

Elise Huff

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and yes — this is a sort of cheat way out of drinking ginger. With the bubbles, you can add other drinks to the ginger beer to spice it up, or just drink it on its own. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed, like you just drank a soda, but without all of the syrups and added sugars. Make sure to check the back of the label, as there are many ginger beers out there that vary in sugar content.

Option Four: Ginger Tea 

Elise Huff

I’m a sucker for a nice cup of warm tea to start or end my day. I found this ginger tea--meant to be calming for the stomach-- however, I find that it calms my entire body down and either gets me started for the day or calms me down for the evening. I feel great after drinking this, and if you wanted to mix it up, you could also throw it over some ice, and there you go, — you’ve made ginger iced tea! Hit that with a splash of milk and you have one fruity concoction even in the dead of winter.

Ginger Recipe: 

Try out this yummy drink next time you are looking to incorporate ginger into your morning routine. Grab any cup (I used a mason jar), and throw a few cubes of ice in it. Then, brew a warm cup of ginger tea. Let the tea steep for a few moments before transferring it into your mason jar. Finish with a splash of your favorite milk (I used vanilla soy milk) and a dash of agave nectar. Great to make on the go and bring to class or work!

Elise Huff

Whenever I can, I head over to my local grocery store (Central Market is great for this), or my local coffee shop (Royal Blue is a gem for finding healthy ginger drinks and snacks), and pile up the ginger. I always know when I’m feeling a little under the weather, which is normal for this time of year, hitting my diet with a punch of ginger will bring me and my body right back around. Try it -- you’ll be surprised at how great adding ginger to your routine can be for both your mind and body!