Everyone’s favorite childhood sitcom is back with a sequel. You’re lying if you didn’t say “Oh, mylanta” when you heard Netflix was coming out with an entire new season. And again when they announced season 2.

To be honest, I watched the entire season of Fuller House and it was not as good as expected. It was full of awkward acting and unrealistic scenarios, but I watched it through solely because I grew up loving Full House. If you haven’t seen Fuller House yet here is a drinking game that will help you get through watching grown women seriously say phrases they said when they were 10.

Take a Sip When:

  • One of the characters makes a sexual innuendo (it happens more often than you would think).
  • One of the characters says an old catch phrase (how rude, have mercy, you got it dude).
  • Jackson calls himself “JMoney.”

Take a Shot When:

  • One of the characters mentions Michelle, AKA a low-key dis because the Olsen twins didn’t come back for the reunion.
  • Kimmy, Stephanie, or DJ call their group the “wolf pack.”
  • Stephanie mentions she’s a DJ or she’s broke.

Picture courtesy by tumblr.com

Refill Your Drink When:

  • DJ tries to decide between Matt and Steve.
  • Fernando tells Kimmy how much he loves her.
  • Max Fuller says “holy chalupas”

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Chug Your Drink When:

  • The show shows a flashback to the original series (don’t finish until the flashback is over).
  • Two characters kiss (don’t stop until it is over)

Gif courtesy from tumblr.com

Now stay safe and drink responsibly!

Gif courtesy from tumblr.com