Anyone who knows me knows that if I love anything, it's my two C's: Chocolate and Coffee. While these two faves of mine are obviously delicious on their own, nothing beats finding a new way to mash them together into the ultimate caffeinated, chocolate-y treat. This is exactly why when I heard about Espresso Hot Chocolate from a fellow Spoon member, I was not only rightfully ~shook~, but also determined to get my hands on a cup of this dream drink myself. 

Espresso Hot Chocolate - What Is It? 

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Xinwei Zeng

Quite frankly, it's exactly what it sounds like - steaming hot chocolate and spunky espresso all in one cup. For my small cup of hot cocoa (a Starbucks grande), I used one shot of espresso, but one of the best parts about this drink is that it's totally open to customization. You could add more espresso, choose a flavored hot chocolate (such as white hot chocolate or one with caramel notes), or forego traditional hot chocolate toppings. As a caffeine and chocolate fiend, I knew two things: 1. It was going to be the perfect mash-up of a sweet treat and a wake-up call, and 2. I was probably going to love it.

I tried my first cup of Espresso Hot Chocolate at my hometown's coffee shop and instantly fell head-over-heels in love. However, to give a proper review, I knew I needed to try it at the place everyone goes for coffee: Starbucks. 

Starbucks' Espresso Hot Chocolate - What's the Verdict?

Lexi Shepherd

I'll be honest, after my delicious espresso hot chocolate from my hometown coffee shop, I was a little nervous to try one from another location. What if it just wasn't up to par? However, I was anything but disappointed by Starbucks' Espresso Hot Chocolate. I ordered a tall with nonfat milk and one shot of espresso, and it was seriously the bomb. I could have gone for a venti with two or three more shots and been in caffeinated-chocolate heaven!

The Espresso Hot Chocolate has a unique taste. I wondered if it might be the same as a classic Caffè Mocha, but I found the two drinks to be different in taste. While both drinks have the distinctive taste of espresso, the Caffè Mocha leaves more of a bittersweet aftertaste on the tongue, while the Espresso Hot Chocolate leaves a sweeter aftertaste that is, well, hot chocolate-y! Overall, while similar in description and ingredients, the Espresso Hot Chocolate tasted sweeter and more like a milk chocolate drink compared to the Caffè Mocha's distinctive bittersweet chocolate taste.

All things considered, Espresso Hot Chocolate really is the perfect way to not only get your sweet tooth and caffeine fix, but also to get in the spirit of the holidays! Personally, I'm already dying to try a shot of espresso in a festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate. The next time you feel like burrowing under the covers for a night in with a Starbucks Hot Chocolate in hand (and in the new adorably festive holiday cup!), get it with a shot of espresso!