Spring is here, and it's time to put those winter jackets away and bring out your t-shirts and Birkenstocks. While it was snowing and freezing, there were many types of food and drinks that we missed having because it was too cold to be able to enjoy them. But, now that we finally can get some Vitamin D, we can enjoy all the food we have been craving during this never-ending winter. 

Let's start watering our mouths and naming all those foods and drinks we are craving to have while enjoying the nice Spring/Summer weather.

1. Ice Cream 

ice cream, cone, spoon, dairy, dessert, mint, chocolate, vanilla, scoop
Josi Miller

Don't tell me you didn't miss eating ice cream while sitting outside in the warm and sunny weather because I sure did. Now you can finally go to your favorite ice cream shop and order your favorite flavor, and go outside and eat it without freezing your hands and body. 

2. BBQ food

steak, meat, beef, pork, barbecue, filling steak on grill, grill, BBQ, Grilling, tongs
Shelby Cohron

It's that time of the year where you can go out to your backyard and have a nice cookout with your family and friends. We all missed the BBQ food like burgers, hot dogs, steak, fries, and anything you would like to eat during a cookout. Although we could have eaten this while it was cold, it wasn't cooked on a BBQ, and we all know food made in a barbecue is much better. 

3. Fresh Fruit

banana, watermelon, tomatoes, farmer's market, Fresh
Caroline Ingalls

It's warm out, and you want to refresh yourself with a fresh watermelon or frozen blueberries. Even though we do eat fruits during winter, there is nothing better than eating fresh fruit during a sunny day. 

4. Beer 

beer, alcohol, liquor, wine
Melissa Miller

Imagine yourself drinking a cold beer while sitting on your porch hanging out with your friends and family. Now you can do it without having to wear any winter jacket or gloves. There is nothing better than a cold beer during beautiful weather. 

5. Food Trucks 

During cold weather, you didn't see these guys that often, and if you did, it was probably a special event where someone decided to have food trucks. Now, these big guys are going to come out and prepare you all kinds of delicious foods on wheels. It is time to go out to the park or around your city and search for food trucks; I'm sure you will see plenty of them. 

6. Tropical cocktails 

Sangria, Food in the Air, Drinks, Bar, rooftop, Spain, Madrid, Summer, rooftop lounge, rooftop bar, cafe
Amy Dong

Get ready because it's time to spend your weekend afternoons on rooftops enjoying tropical cocktails like mojitos, caipirinhas, daiquiris, margaritas and many more while having a great time with your friends and family. 

7. Corn On The Cob 

parsley, vegetable, meat, corn, corn on the cob, cheese, cilantro, grilled corn, Grilling
Julia Gilman

Although this can be considered a BBQ food or something you would have on a cookout, this guy deserved its own spotlight because I know how much we love this deliciousness. Just from seeing the picture above, my mouth its already watering because of how good it looks and how much I'm craving it. 

It's finally sunny and nice out. Go ahead and enjoy yourself and fill your tummy with warm weather food! Gather your friends and family and go out and enjoy delicious food and drinks! You won't have to wear tons of layers and freeze yourself while you go out to eat the food that you have been missing.

Taylor Kozloski