Gather your closest friends, designate jobs, and eat till you can't anymore, because Friends-giving is in and it’s likely the best meal you’ll have this season! With exams quickly approaching, the time we have to spend with friends is dwindling, so inevitably, that's where the idea to host a friends-giving came in. Last week I got together with 11 of my closest friends, and after eating until the switch from jeans to stretchy pants was necessary, I’ve picked up a few tips to share with you on how to make your Friends-giving go off without a hitch this holiday season.

1. Plan Your Event Early In Advance 

To make it easy on yourself, plan this event well in advance. I’d say a month is enough time, otherwise you will get overwhelmed with last minute prep.

2. Think About Who You Want To Invite 

The Holiday season is all about being with the ones you love so of course, invite everyone who is special to you! However, having 30 of your friends come over may be a bit much. My friends and I stuck to 12 people which was the perfect size because 1. we were all able to fit at the table(s) set up in my living room and 2. everyone played an active role in making the day special. 

3. Designating Roles For Food 

After deciding to have friends-giving, it wasn't long before we were trying to figure out what everyone would bring. And of course, as young adults do, we went about solving this matter in the most mature way possible . . . first come first serve! At our table we had: chicken, vegetables (sweet potatoes and broccoli), salad, scallop potatoes, stuffing, and of course multiple pies with loads of whip cream. We broke a lot of the roles up so that people could tackle different dishes in teams of two or more. It’s completely up to you but as for me, a girl who has never baked a pie in her life - I was happy to have a friend help me out with the process. 

4. Don't Forget The Appetizers 

Likely one of the most important aspects to any dinner party, a cheese board (which should definitely be paired with your favourite wine(s)). Depending on how many people you invite, as well which cheese you want - the options for your cheese board are endless. We included: an assortment box of crackers (because who doesn't love variety), Boursin cheese, as well a baked brie, and sharp cheddar.

5. Results And Final Tips 

Thanks to advanced planning and excitement, our friends-giving dinner couldn't have gone smoother. My number one tip would be to make sure whoever is hosting tells the group if there is enough oven space or not to heat up meals. We had everyone bring their food over in aluminum foil as our oven is tiny with only one rack, and this alternative worked fine.  

All in all, friends-giving was the perfect opportunity for me to catch up with friends and celebrate the holidays before exams and Christmas break came! I highly recommend having your friends over, whether it's friends-giving or not, this idea can be adapted to fit any event, holiday, or season you wish. 

No longer will the kids table be your last choice, instead it's the place filled with all your closest friends and many laughs.