As a girl from a small town in Maine where the houses are far apart and restaurants are few and far between, I had never experienced the convenience of ordering delivery until I went to college. The idea of ordering a pizza from Pat's (and finding out I get free breadsticks with it) and not having to even leave my dorm was life-changing. 

One thing I found when I was introduced to delivery was that I am SO AWKWARD ordering food on the phone. And I'm not the only one. I've heard my friends do it and they are just as bad. How is it that we are all functioning college students, living on our own, and we are scared to talk to the pizza guy on the phone?

I don't know the reason, but I know a solution: the EatStreet app. This app has made something as convenient as delivery even more convenient with its efficient and user-friendly features. 

Restaurant Locator

In a town as small as Orono, you probably think you know every restaurant around. By using the "locate me" option, the app will find all restaurants near you that you can order from—even those hidden gems you've never heard of—along with their distance, delivery minimum, hours, and Yelp ratings. 

Group Orders

We all have that friend that always wants in on the Saturday night, post-going out pizza order, but never pays anyone back. Or maybe you are that friend. Either way, EatStreet's group order feature holds everyone accountable. With this feature, anyone with the group order link and the EatStreet app can order their food and pay their share of the cost, tip, and delivery fee using their credit or debit card. That way, all of the food will come at the same time and no one gets stuck paying for everyone and never getting paid back, #teamwork.

Saved Past Orders

I am a creature of habit. Monday night you can most likely find me taking advantage of OHOP's two-for-one pizza deal. Thanks to EatStreet, all I have to do is go into my past orders and find my last Monday night pizza party, add it to my cart, and order. No scrolling through toppings and adding special requests (ranch lovers, you'll never forget to ask for extra ranch ever again) or typing in your whole card number and address. The app saves all of these details for you, making impulse purchases 10x easier, and more likely.

Discount Codes

We all know how quickly it can add up when your first instinct when you're drunk is to buy pizza. EatStreet's got your back, though. I've received discount codes for up to $8 before, and they are constantly giving you opportunities to save money. You get money for referring friends, they have a reward system to track points, and they are constantly sending you discount codes ranging from $2-$8. That's what I call a good deal. 

Saved Past Orders

rice, chicken
Casey Hack

Okay, maybe this isn't really a feature, but it is one of my favorite parts of using the app. By placing your order using EatStreet, you eliminate the phone call and the actual delivery only requires you to open the door, grab your pizza box, say thanks, and return to your couch. No reading your card number off over the phone, or over or under tipping because you are under pressure and suddenly can't figure out 20% of $15, or accidentally telling the delivery guy "you too!" when he says enjoy your pizza. 

So download EatStreet on your phone, share with your friends and start ordering delivery the smart way.