The library is a place of peace, serenity, and depression for many college students. There's an unspoken library etiquette that studiers are expected to follow. If you're feeling like you may be breaking some of those rules, especially with your eating habits, I decided to finally write them down for all my fellow library goers. 

Do: Be courteous. Most of the time, people go to the library because they need to focus on their work. Don't make your hunger a distraction. Understand that the library is a public study space. People are already stressed when they go in there, there's no need to bother them more.

Don't: Eat chips. Literally ever. Unless you somehow figured out how to silently eat chips, there is quite literally nothing more annoying than someone crunching in the library. Seriously. Just don't freakin do it. Ever.

Do: Throw any remnants of food away right after you eat them. Super thankful for those people who understand that banana peels are TRASH and should not sit in a library cubicle for hours. 

Don't: Eat anything that has a strong smell. BC serves a lot of international meals, but they belong in the dining halls and not in the library. The odor of your stir fry does not need to be overwhelming my senses when I'm trying to do my stats homework.

Do: Bring as many drinks as you want. Need caffeine?Drink as much coffee or soda as you need. Chug water. Nobody cares, drinks are silent!!

Don't: Feel so stressed about opening containers of food. Every time I rip open the wrapping on my pre-made sandwich I get self conscious. If you get freaked out that you're making noise, you'll probably take longer to open it and make more noise. Just peel it like a bandaid and people may be annoyed for .2 seconds but they'll get over it when they realize their hours of studying are more annoying than your need to open your lunch.

Do: If you didn't prepare yourself for your library time and realize that you literally only have a loud snack with you, just be respectful when eating it. Crunch quietly, go to the floors where noise is acceptable, or even go outside to eat.

Don't: Ever eat on O'Neill fifth floor. It's not allowed. Just don't do it. If you need to eat just go to another floor, it's not that big of a deal. Follow the damn rules

Do: Muffins and croissants are generally the best things to eat in a library. They're quiet and filling. Plus they go amazingly well with coffee which is pretty much guaranteed to be coming with you into your study sesh. 

Don't: Eat anything that produces any sound in Bapst. That place is a freakin sanctuary. Don't ruin it. Or, go to the lounge in the basement to have your snacks. I have literally seen people with lunch boxes down there. It's a nice study break and it doesn't disturb anyone. 

Do: Those giant cookies in the chocolate bar? Aka heaven? Those are the BEST study snack and they make no noise. So yeah, you could pick something lower cal, but you aren't eating this cookie for you. No, you're eating it for everyone else in the library who doesn't want to be bothered by your hunger. You're welcome, guys. 

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Tori Weber