Two of the best things in life are ice cream and New York City.

In New York City, you're bound to get some of the creamiest and flavorful ice cream in America. With ice cream trucks all around the city, it's hard not to want to order a cone from every single one. But before you do–whether you're a New Yorker, transplant or tourist—you might want to refresh your NYC ice cream truck etiquette.

1. Decide on your order ahead of time.

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Elizabeth Layman

Almost all ice cream trucks have some form of menu on the truck itself. If you're unsure as to what you want to order, check out the menu and decide on what you would like to have before you get to the front of the line.

The last thing the person working on the truck wants is for someone to hold up the line as they take ten minutes deciding on an order they could have thought about ahead of time.

2. Wait in line patiently and fairly.

On a hot day in New York City, there will probably be a long line of people at every ice cream truck in the city. Everyone wants their ice cream as soon as possible just like you, and everyone has to wait in line just like you.

The least you can do is wait patiently for your ice cream. Not only will you get your ice cream a little faster, but you can enjoy it just a tad bit more knowing you didn't make anyone's day harder than it has to be.

3. Pay first, Instagram later.

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Katherine Baker

You may want to take a photo of the ice cream that you just received in front of the truck, and that's fine. But there is also a line of people behind you who want to place their order too, and having you stand in front of the truck with your phone out holds up everyone's day.

Please be nice and move aside before taking your photo. I promise you can still get your Instagram or Snapchat with the truck in the background. 

4. Don't be pushy.

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Rachel Kalichman

Getting your order prepared takes time. The person in the ice cream truck will not rush faster than they already are just because you're feeling impatient. If you want ice cream on the spot, leave the truck and pick up some ice cream from a drugstore, 7/11, or market.

5. Communicate.

Unless the person working in the truck can see which photo you are pointing to or knows the entire menu by heart, most likely, they won't know what you are ordering. Describe what's in the photo to them so they know what to make you.

If you want vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, say "I would like a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles please." 

6. Pay attention.

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Clare Beatty

When you look down at your phone or walk away in the middle fo receiving your ice cream order, you're high-key being very rude to the person that is giving you the ice cream. I understand your phone may be your sidekick and that you may get impatient while waiting, but sometimes,you just need to unplug, look up, and pay attention to what's being handed to you.

All your ice cream order wants to do is spend some time with you. Don't break its heart, just take the ice cream and eat it.