Remember sneaking your fingers into the bowl of cookie dough while your mom wasn't looking and licking the gooey, delicious, irresistible mess off your fingers? Mhmm. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. Well, your childhood dream of being able to eat a whole bowl of cookie dough, without feeling or getting sick, has finally come true. Kristen Tomlan, a cookie dough fanatic and creative genius, recently opened the sweet shop, Cookie DŌ, which sells raw cookie dough that's safe to eat

Say what? 

Cookie DŌ, located in New York City, already has people lined up out the door to try their scrumptious cookie dough. The dough, made with a pasteurized egg substitute and heat-treated flour, is sold in scoops, just like in an ice cream shop. The shop sells nearly every cookie dough flavor imaginable (the full-time menu has 13 flavors and 3 seasonal flavor).

Must Tries 

With so many delicious choices, you really can't go wrong. Although, I must say, the store's bestsellers look mighty fine to be. The six (but let's not limit ourselves) most popular flavors include: 

1. Signature Chocolate Chip 

You really can't go wrong with this dough. It's a classic. 

2. Cake Batter 

Made with cake batter flavored dough, white AND milk chocolate chips, and sprinkles, this seasonal dough flavor will have you rushing to New York City. 

3. Heavenly 

This dough sure lives up to its name. Heavenly is packed with sugar cookie dough, Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits, and sea salt. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure most would agree with me that it can't get much better than this. 

4. Confetti 

It's truly a party in your mouth with this flavor. The Confetti dough is made with the signature dough, sprinkles, and white AND milk chocolate chips.  

5. Gimme S'more 

Seriously, give me s'more of this! This flavor includes the signature dough flavor, bits of Hershey's bars, toasted marshmallow, and graham crackers

6. Chocolate Dream 

For my fellow chocoholics out there, this is the flavor for you. Chocolate Dream includes brownie batter, crushed Oreo cookies, and chocolate chips. Yum. 

What else? 

Beside scoops of cookie dough, the shop also sells a a wide variety of other dough inspired treats, including (drumroll, please) the mouth watering Cookie Bomb, a cookie cup topped with cookie dough, buttercream frosting, and stuffed with Nutella. Wow, just wow.

That's not all

But wait, there's more! Other popular items are the Cookie Sandwich, the Ice Cream Sandōwich, and the Ice Cream Sundae. All of these treats are made with cookie dough, ice cream, and a whole lot of love. Holy moly. My stomach is rumbling.

What If...

Are you worried that this new dōlightful trend isn't for you? Are you gluten free, vegan, or just not that into sweets? Fear not. Cookie DŌ has a lil something for everyone. Kristen, the creator, is gluten free herself. As a result, the store makes a special effort to cater to all kinds of foodies. Along with gluten free and vegan cookie dough, there's also the Gluten Free Salted Butterscotch Blondie.

If you're looking to take a healthier approach to dessert, you might want to try the grain and butter free options, which include flavors like Peanut Butter Chickpea Chocolate Chip, Breakfast Banana (with chocolate), and Almond Butter Chocolate Chip. Talk about options

Since opening its doors in late January, Cookie DŌ, has become the hip new dessert spot for people of all ages. Although you may have to wait a while (and yes, it could be hours), it's definitely worth it! After all, who doesn't love cookie dough? Props to Kristen for making all of our childhood dreams come true. And now, no more feeling guilty about sneaking in licks of batter. Hallelujah!