It's my favorite time of the month—when a certain package arrives at my door step. My mom carries the package into the kitchen and my whole family gathers around with large eyes, as if it’s the morning of our first Christmas when we tear through the packing to reveal this month’s shipment.

This is the Dessert of the Month Club that my family received as a gift from friends. Each month, a different shipment of desserts is delivered right to our doorstep. From cakes, cookies, pastries, and pies to cheesecakes, The Dessert of the Month Club never disappoints.

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Emma Fein

Each shipment is catered to serve 8-10 people, but that doesn't stop me from finishing it all myself. This club has been seen and praised on Good Morning America, The Early Show, Today Show, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and now, Spoon University. 

After taste testing each ice cream, or finishing half a pint each, (okay fine, the whole pint of some), I have been able to rate and review each ice cream:

1. Banana Cream Pie from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

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Emma Fein

This ice cream encompasses all of the succulent components of a banana cream pie with its marshmallow swirl and graham cracker crust crunch. It is creamy, but not too creamy, and sweet, but not too sweet. I am not a huge banana cream pie fan or pie in general being that I would much prefer ice cream, which is exactly why this flavor is the perfect fix.

2. Pistachio from Angelo Gelato Italiano

Emma Fein

I have always thought of pistachio as the flavor that I would only get if I could get three flavors or they ran out of my favorite. After trying this gelato, it has most definitely upped its ranking. The consistency of this gelato is unlike anything I have tried before: creamy and silky smooth. I didn’t put down the pint until my sister realized it was almost gone and was nudging me for a bite.

3. Moose Tracks from Schoep's Ice Cream

I am a peanut butter fanatic, and my family goes through it by the jar. I don’t discriminate between crunchy or creamy or Skippy or Jiff. This vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and famous Moose Tracks fudge checks off every ice cream priority: a simple flavor with a swirl of rich toppings.

However, this classic did not live up to its expectations. The consistency felt as if it was freezer burned with a strange textured fluff. I thought that this one would be my favorite, but it definitely fell short. 

4. Mississippi Mud from New Orleans Ice Cream Co.

Although I am underage, I am indeed a chocoholic. There is not 24 hours that goes by that I don’t have chocolate through my blood stream. However, too much of it at once leads to a recipe for disaster. This ice cream was too rich, even for my taste.

It was made up of rich chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces, chocolate flakes, truffles, malt balls, chocolate almonds, cherry cups, marshmallows, and a fudge swirl. So, I guess you pretty much know what you’re getting yourself into as soon as you open the pint: one full of a chocolaty flavor and heavy toppings. 

Just as The Breakfast Club brought students together, the Dessert of The Month Club has brought me to riveting desserts that I would never have picked out myself. The beauty of the Dessert of The Month Club is that I usually enjoy the unique flavored items more than the staple ones that I would have picked out at the supermarket.