College is such a prime time for stress eating, with stressful shit like studying for exams and social anxiety taking a hold of our lives. While going on large fast food runs may not be the best thing for our bodies, they do help us cope with the über trying times that college puts us through. We know that some restaurants successfully satisfy your cravings more than others, which is why we’ve sorted out the top 11 fast food restaurants for college foodies like us.

11. Subway

fast food

Photo courtesy of @subway on Instagram

While they do provide some pretty decent options for health-conscious fast food, let’s be honest: the reason we’re getting fast food is because we’re craving something heavy, greasy, and easy to eat. Sure, you could get a Veggie Delite sandwich, but you could also get some crispy chicken nuggets…

10. Burger King

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It’s a winner in terms of variety, but for taste, it doesn’t fare as well as some other fast food chains. Their chicken fries are cute and all, but their attempts at colored and flavored buns aren’t.

9. Popeye’s

fast food

Photo courtesy of @popeyeslouisianakitchen on Instagram

Every so often, we crave a really good piece of fried chicken with a crisp, spicy coating and juicy, tender meat. If those commercials with chicken breasts falling in slow motion don’t cause you to salivate, I don’t know what will.

8. Panda Express

fast food

Photo courtesy of @officialpandaexpress on Instagram

Disregard the fact that it may not be wholly authentic Chinese food, and accept that it is convenient and pretty darn quick. So saucy, sticky, and perfect for those nights where you’re just not in the mood to do anything.

7. Wendy’s

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Don’t worry, the whole “finger-in-my-chili” ordeal wasn’t their fault. But really, you can’t beat $3 for a yummy baked potato or a nice bowl of spicy chili, so even if we did find a human phalange, it’d almost be worth it.

6. Pizza Hut

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Out of the numerous pizza delivery chains out there, Pizza Hut trumps all for one reason: stuffed crust. Dip one of those stretchy bad boys in ranch or marinara sauce and relish in the fact that you’re able to have pizza at your dorm, in your pajamas.

5. Arby’s

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Photo courtesy of @arbys on Instagram

Grab a few of their roast beef and cheddar sandwiches and even some curly fries to accompany you on those days where you ignore all responsibilities and watch reruns of Friends instead.

4. Chick-Fil-A

fast food

Photo courtesy of @chickfila on Instagram

Satisfy your salty cravings with their hella bomb waffle fries, and fulfill your sweet needs with their freshly squeezed lemonade. Being hungover and craving Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday is pretty much a college rite-of-passage.

3. Dairy Queen

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Photo courtesy of @dairyqueen on Instagram

Perfect for when you’re in desperate need of the most random and absurd frozen treat combinations you’ll find. Looking for ice cream with chocolate truffles mixed in? They’ve got it. Coconut and pineapple? They’ve still got it.

2. McDonald’s

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Photo courtesy of @mcdonalds on Instagram

McDonald’s is the quintessential fast food place that satisfies our need for both cheap prices and slightly above-average quality. With creamy frappés, chicken tender wraps, and 24 hour breakfast, they’ve got you covered in pretty much every corner of your palate.

1. Taco Bell

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Photo courtesy of @tacobell on Instagram

The ultimate fast food restaurant for college students, because who doesn’t crave tacos every hour of the day? Their meats are easy to sub with refried beans, making it quite vegetarian friendly as well. You’ve never fulfilled a drunchie until you’ve had a Crunchwrap Supreme in one hand and Mountain Dew Baja Blast in the other.