The Jewish holiday Purim will begin this year on the evening of February 25th. Purim celebrates the day Queen Esther saved the Jewish people from execution, and since it's just one big celebration, Purim is one of my favorite holidays. What's not to like? You dress up in costumes, you deliver gift baskets to friends, and (of course) you eat hamantaschen. Hamantaschen are triangular cookies, which are named after the Purim villain, Haman. Many different fillings can go in the hamantaschen,  including apple, lemon, and even peanut butter and jelly. However, there are five classic hamantaschen flavors that you can find in grocery stores and Jewish households during this time of year. To make it easier for you to decide on which kind to try, here is my ranking of classic hamantaschen fillings. 

#5: Prune

Nobody hears the word "prune" and gets hungry. Surprisingly, these hamantaschen aren't that bad, but I think that comes down to the cookie being delicious rather than the filling being tasty.

#4: Poppy

Poppy seed filling might sound strange, but these cookies are really good and poppy hamantaschens are some of the most popular. They still rank fairly low on the list, because when I want a hamantaschen, the poppy ones are not the first I would pick.

#3: Chocolate

Chocolate hamantaschen: a classic, and every little kids' favorite. While these can definitely be really fun to make and decorate, they can also be a little too sweet to eat. Perhaps I've just grown out of them as I've gotten older. 

#2: Apricot

Not only are apricot hamantaschen some of the best looking, they are absolutely delicious. As someone who has never eaten a plain apricot, these cookies make me want to declare them as my favorite fruit. 

#1: Raspberry 

Yes, my #1 is raspberry. Raspberry is simple, it's classic, and it tastes amazing. Why mess with a simple fruit flavor?

No matter if you celebrate Purim or not, give these hamantaschen a try! Whether you choose to eat a classic flavor, or something a little different, it's sure to be delicious.