You’re sitting in class. You have already stared out the window and weirded out the kid sitting next to the window because he thinks you’re staring at him, ran through your long list of wanderlust places to day dream about, and you’ve drawn all of the quirky doodles that you can think of.

What do you do next? Oh that’s right, the one thing most of us are great at doing: eat a snack. Some have the inner soccer mom in them and have a pocket in their backpack dedicated to snacks.Then there are those of us who are wishing that we had something small.

After interviewing several friends and asking a question on Facebook about the craziest things that people have eaten in class (or seen others eat in class), I’ve compiled some of the funniest and wildest foods to have ever graced the classroom societal borders.

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“I’ve eaten blackberry pie straight out of the pie pan with my friend and the teacher just stood there analyzing how we were doing this in the middle of the class. Then we asked him if he wanted some and offered him a fork, but he just stared at us in shock with his jaw down, then proceeded to continue lecturing, pretending that this didn’t even happen.” — Johnna

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“I ate mac ‘n’ cheese out of a Ziploc bag with chopsticks in my economics class once.” — Sam

“I once brought spicy ramen to class… was still in the pot.” — Sarah

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“I was given a bag full of carrots (not the baby ones though, the big, full-size ones) by a friend during lunch so I put it in my backpack. My next class as I was pulling out my notes, I pulled out a few carrots too. Pretty soon there were two rows of people eating carrots while we were taking a test.” — John

“I have eaten a whole watermelon in class before…” — Laura

“I saw a girl a few rows in front of me eat a whole Costco-sized bag of popcorn in an EMT class this summer.” — Chris

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Some other foods that people decided to include without any explanation included pho with octopus, baby food in a jar, an entire pizza topped with pepperoncini, nachos, a clear jar filled with oatmeal, and Panda Express.

I can’t help but laugh at some of these stories and how brave some souls are. Keep being weird and eating whatever you want in class, my fellow college students!