Whether you're looking to have just one scoop or binge on a whole pint, ice cream always hits the spot. Growing up with a unique ice cream parlor close to home, I've tasted my fair share of incredible ice cream flavors. As a result, I couldn't wait to try a variety of different ice cream concoctions here in D-town to beat the heat. Personally, I can definitely say that these locations have some of the coolest ice cream in Dallas.

5. Milk & Cream

Milk & Cream has done the unthinkable and combined two of the worlds greatest desserts: ice cream and donuts. The donut buns are served hot surrounding the almost frozen ice cream to give a taste experience unlike any you've had before. Also, you can't pass up on the yummy toppings that range from candies to cereals. Milk & Cream has made the typical ice cream sandwich even trendier. 

4. Sprinkles Ice Cream

Just like Milk & Cream, Sprinkles Ice Cream has combined two dessert classics into one tasty sundae. Sprinkles Ice Cream takes their famous cupcakes, splits them in two, and places their own creamy ice cream in the middle. The taste of the thick icing and moist cake complimented by smooth, ice cream is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Sprinkles offers a wide range of both cupcake and ice cream flavors, so everyone can get exactly what they want. My favorite paring is a black and white cupcake with mint chocolate ice cream.

Pro tip: if you're looking for just a little taste, try the mini sundae.

3. Highland Park Soda Fountain

If you're feeling nostalgic, Highland Park Soda Fountain is the place for you. This old-fashioned soda shop serves up all of the old-timey desserts from "egg cream" sodas to a variety of phosphates and everything in between. There is nothing like a chilled, bubbly soda paired with rich ice cream topped with mounds of whipped cream on a hot Dallas day. Even better, you can always ask for a cherry on top. If you're feeling retro and in the mood for the classics, Highland Park Soda Fountain is your one stop shop.

2. Joy Macarons

Joy Macarons takes the delicate French treat of macarons, and makes them even more desirable by turning them into an ice cream sandwich. By combining cold, creamy ice cream with their signature macarons, they provide a heavenly dessert with every bite. Joy Macarons features the classics like chocolate and vanilla, but also rotating flavor selections like fruit roll-up. This is a definite must for anyone in the mood to get a little fancy with their ice cream sandwich craving.

1. Chills 360

Chills 360 uses the latest ice cream trend of pouring thick, liquid ice cream onto a frozen slab, then scraping the mixture into rolls. Watching them make the ice cream is reason enough to go, but the taste will keep you coming back for more. Chills 360 has incredible flavor combinations like tangy strawberry matcha or chocolatey banana nutella. Your rolled ice cream is made even more Instagram-able with the wide selection of toppings such as pretzels, pocky sticks, or my favorite, teddy grams. With so many combination options, a different preparation method, and a chewy but melt-in-your-mouth consistency, it's no wonder this ice cream has been all over Dallas social media.

As you can see, there is such a wide variety of ice cream options right here in Dallas. Next time you're having a craving, don't just reach for the nearest pint; be adventurous and try out some cool combinations like these.