Did you know that The Cheesecake Factory delivers? No? Me neither. Well to get the message across that they will in fact bring your food straight to your door, they're giving away 10,000 slices of free Cheesecake via delivery today, Dec. 6. 

How to Get Free Cheesecake

All you have to do is download the DoorDash app (or sign up at DoorDash.com if you're old fashioned) and enter the promo code "10000SLICES" at checkout. No minimum order required (although I do recommend you at least get some bread—that stuff is delicious). The offer only allows you to get one slice per account, so no, you can't get like 100 slices delivered to your dorm and be today's hero. The deal ends when all 10K slices have been claimed. 

How To Get Free Delivery For Dayzzzzz

Yeah, if they run out of Cheesecake by the time you get around to making your order—bummer. However, you can still get free delivery through DoorDash on all Cheesecake Factory orders from Dec. 6-12, no promo code required. Just place an order and the delivery fees will be $0. I recommend ordering a classic Cheesecake Factory pasta, or the Luau Salad if you want to feel like you're eating something healthy. 

The Cheesecake Factory's move to offer a delivery option is smart, if not necessary. We're in times where no one likes to get up from binge watching Netflix to talk to an actual human and get something to eat, including me. I'm not proud, but I am hungry. So thanks Cheesecake Factory for the free slice of cheesecake, and even more kudos for the free delivery.