Not to exaggerate, but Sex and the City changed television.

Where would we be without the stories, friendships, and city fun that the six seasons and two movies brought us all?

Martinis, relationship woes, and of course, the FASHION. I know for a fact I have been changed for the better by Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda.

Parallel to what this show did for television, is what Ben and Jerry's did for ice cream. I remember eating my first pint of Phish Food® at age 6, and never being the same.

Can any of us really think back to a time we didn't love flavors such as Phish Food® and Half Baked®? This ice cream is part of us all, and I know that Ben and Jerry are about the only two men who will never let us down. 

Consequently, television and ice cream are more related than we think.

The comfort they both bring to us is something that not a lot of other things can provide. Furthermore, chances are high that if I'm snuggled up in front of a TV, then there is ice cream nearby. 

Therefore, when I recently finished the Sex and the City series (and movies) I knew I needed something to fill the space in my life that the women of Manhattan once filled.

Luckily, the solution to this problem eventually came to me. A combination of the two things that bring me true comfort can fill any void.

So without further ado:

Here are the characters of Sex and the City as their representative flavor of Ben and Jerry's. 

Carrie: New York Super Fudge Chunk®

Of course an ice cream flavor with the name of her beloved city is perfect for Carrie, but what a lot of fans of B&J's don't know is that this flavor was created when the company first wanted to sell to their product in New York. They made this flavor to not only attract an audience in the Big Apple, but also to make a name for themselves there. What could be more fitting for the spunky, curly haired, 20 something that did the same thing for herself?

Just like Ms. Bradshaw herself, this flavor is iconic. Also, with its melding of nuts, fudge, and chocolatey goodness, this ice cream and character make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside

Miranda Hobbes: Chocolate Therapy ®

If there's anything we know about Miranda it's that she's a successful independent woman who loves her sweets. I mean come on, there is even an episode where she eats a whole chocolate cake, and that is nothing less than relatable to all of us. Thus, the first flavor that came to mind for Miranda was of course chocolate. Miranda is not just chocolate though. She is decadent chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies, and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream (sign me UP). And just like Miranda did with her beloved TiVo and couch, we can all find solace and comfort in this chocolatey classic. 

Samantha Jones: Everything But The...®

I knew this was the right flavor for THE Sam Jones, but this was further solidified when I told my parents about this article, and my dad immediately said, "please make Samantha's flavor Everything But The...."  I mean , a flavor with depth, spunk, character and lots of nuts, is the flavor for Samantha.

Her personality is bold, but she is unapologetically herself and so is this flavor. After all, Ben and Jerry call it a "show stopper", and I don't think there is a better phrase to describe Samantha Jones. 

Charlotte York: Banana Split 

It's a no brainer that Charlotte York's flavor would have to be a simple and classic treat such as the Banana Split.  With banana and strawberry ice cream and fudge swirls it remains a classic treat with a fun twist. While Charlotte is our go-to gal for sticking to the rules and shining with class and etiquette, she does like to also have some fun; this flavor is all that and more. I don't think there is one person that wouldn't enjoy a banana split, or Charlotte's character. 

Mr. Big: Urban Bourbon™

Big is a whole lot like this lesser known B&J flavor. What other flavor could describe a successful city guy who is fun, (slightly) bitter but capable of being sweet when need be? Just like Big, this flavor is mature, full of depth and tastes; yet this flavor also has a sweet and classic after taste. One minute Big makes us feel confused and on edge, and the next moment we feel emotional and smitten... and as a perfect parallel, this is exactly what this bourbon meets caramel meets fudge flavor does for us. 

Stanford Blatch: Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz!®

Stanford is the character that we all needed in Sex and the City. While he is blunt, confident and always trendy, the one thing that makes Stanford the character he is, is his energy. Stanford is what I like to call someone who is always "on". No matter the time or place, he is there to tell you exactly how it is. He is fast and to the point, as well as punctual. So when it came time to chose a flavor for this iconic character, I knew it had to be one that does not stop for anything. This caffeine filled flavor has not one, but two forms of coffee; thus, offering a sweet but energetic delight. Lastly, this flavor is trendy, one of a kind and makes a statement; just like Stanford. 

Now go cozy up with a pint of the best ice cream out there and cry, laugh and learn from the show that taught us all what the city of Manhattan is capable of! 

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Sex and the City is now on Amazon Prime and HBO Now