Many of us who are 21+ have tried those sickeningly sweet red and green Jello shots out of the classic Solo party cups. However, I’m happy to say we can now let those hangover-making concoctions be a thing of the past. Spoonable Spirits makes delicious booze-infused pudding shots and Jello shots that can completely up your party game. 

Why do I love them so much? Well, not only are all their boozy treats made fresh in NYC, but they also come in really fun flavors – not just the traditional chocolate and vanilla pudding flavors I had as a kid. My personal favorite is the Whiskey Rolos pudding shot (chocolate pudding and salted caramel whiskey? Do I need to say more?). For the Jellos, you must bring their Cranberry Cosmo to your next Thirsty Thursday. They also have you covered with seasonal flavors for your Halloween and holiday parties. Just walk in the door with Spoonable Spirits Fall Drunken Pumpkin (and coming for the Holidays, Blasted Blizzard) and you will definitely be everyone’s best friend.

Founder Kelli Lipson shares her story about how she began Spoonable Spirits.

What is Spoonable Spirits?

Spoonable Spirits sets the bar high for events with alcohol-infused jello and pudding shots served in festive 2 ounce jars. They all contain 5% alcohol by volume (and we can do mocktail too!). It’s perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, gifts, corporate events, and beyond.

Where was the idea for Spoonable Spirits born?

I came up with the idea while in college at Bucknell University. I used to take the plastic condiment cups in the school cafeteria to make jello shots (when I turned 21). I made fancy ones in really interesting flavors—completely different from the usual cherry red and lime green jello shots you see in college. My friends LOVED them, and they always encouraged me to do something with the idea. That stuck with me.

When did you launch Spoonable Spirits?

After college, I went to work for Food Network talent Sandra Lee. She was my mentor who really taught me a lot about the food and spirits business as well as female entrepreneurship. So after six years of working with her, and right before starting my MBA at Columbia Business School, I went for it and launched Spoonable Spirits. My mission was really to make dessert a more exciting and fun experience.

What would you tell other students who are thinking about starting a business or a start-up while they are still in school? 

I strongly recommend that you begin working on your start-up while in school. A lot of people think about doing it after, but it's helpful to start playing around with the idea in school. There are lots of resources easily available to help you launch your startup, plus you can share your idea with peers and make important adjustments using their feedback. Being in school allows you to test your business ideas in a relatively safe environment.

Last question. Why Spoonable Spirits?

It's something new and different. Our booze-infused puddings bring nostalgic memories from your childhood and elevates and revamps them, making them great for adults and parties. 

Sally Eun Ji Son