Just the other day, I found myself searching the ends of the earth (well, the ends of the internet) for one of those "Rosé All Day" shirts because #WineEnthusiast (duh). Shockingly, I found that it really isn't that easy to find good wine products. Among the cheaply made eBay options and sea of low quality products, I finally hit the jackpot of wine merchandise. To make your search process easier than mine, here is a list of the best wine products I could find on the internet. 

Insulated Tote

Leading the pack and topping off my Christmas wish list (hint, hint) is this $60 insulated tote bag. The color is irresistible and totally chic. This high fashion accessory allows you to stay on trend while stashing wine as you're on the go. In my opinion, it is definitely the queen of all wine merchandise. 

'Rosé All Day' T-Shirt

I was really intrigued by this $14 t-shirt because it was exactly what I was looking for in a 'Rosé All Day' t-shirt. As far as my previous experiences with Etsy have gone, they have been a pretty trustworthy company that produces good quality products. Check out all the different wine merchandise and Rosé All Day products that they offer, including phone cases, wine glasses, and even sun hats.

Beer (wine) Belly

With this super sneaky piece of wine merchandise, you better be ready to rock that wine belly. For $29.99, you can buy this pouch that'll make you look 20 pounds heavier, but the results are totally worth it. Slide this puppy inside your shirt and drink away. 

Gold Stemless Wine Glasses

Even though I'm more of a stemmed wine glass kind of girl, I can't help but love the sleek look of these. Though $40 is a bit pricey for us college kids to be spending on wine glasses (Solo cups all the way, am I right?), they are definitely a luxurious wine product. 

Flask Tie or Scarf

This is GREAT news because October = scarf season. Get your drank on while staying business casual and totally warm. 

Wine Chiller

There's nothing worse than when you're craving a chilled white wine but you forgot to put the bottle in the fridge. Or when you take the whole bottle to the couch with you before binge watching Netflix, but you don't want the wine to get warm. Luckily, Amazon sells this wine chiller for $8.99 that you simply insert into your wine bottle. The insert is frozen and chills your wine right before your eyes. 

'You Had Me At Merlot' T-Shirt

If you wear this shirt around campus, I can almost guarantee you'll make some new friends. If you're not much of a red wine person, have no fear. Wine Awesomeness sells other designs that say things like "Alcohol You Later," "No 'Pagne, No Gain," and "Wine Drunk AF," all pricing at $28. 

Reusable Wine Stoppers

It's pretty easy to recork wine and reuse the cork, but these reusable wine caps are just $8.49 and will add some flare to your bottle. This wine product can be especially helpful if you had to sacrifice the cork while getting creative with opening wine bottles


Wine in a sports bra? AKA *I'm wearing a sports bra so people think I actually work out, but really I'm drinking wine...*

Bracelet Flask

I'm all about staying on trend, and this dazzling piece of wine merchandise allows for just that. This sneaky way to carry wine around in a bracelet might be the hero of the evening when you're needing a little liquid courage.

We all love wine, but these wine products are the real MVPs. If you are anything like me, I bet you're really hoping that you are on the nice list this year. Dear Santa, these ten products are simply EVERYTHING I need for Christmas.