America is currently on a healthy lifestyle, clean eating, trendy workout kick. In the last few years, we have all seen new fad diets and probably tried to kick our pizza eating habits to the curb, multiple times. Recently, there has been a shift in what it means to be "healthy." People are celebrating all body-types, the occasional good for your soul slice of 'za, and a positive outlook on life. These 10 beautiful women have taken to Instagram to promote this healthy lifestyle. 


Jeannette Ogden is an actual superhero. Momma to adorable baby boy, Elliot, she promotes several things on her Instagram page. Jeannette believes in eating real food - think delicious, organic ingredients. She also believes in self-acceptance and the importance of loving the skin you're in. In addition, she believes in a thick ass smoothie. Respect. Her food photos are incredible and having me drooling over my iPhone. 


This bright light offers recipe after recipe of delicious, healthy treats. Lee Tilghman is truly the master of cauliflower-based smoothies, balanced bowls, and all things non-toxic. Lee's blogposts touch on things like the reality of overexercising, living with PCOS (a hormonal problem caused in females), adrenal fatigue, and mental health


Rachel Mansfield, the recipe developer and food stylist, caught my attention right away. She has developed some unreal recipes for things, like dark chocolate marble banana bread, peanut butter cookie dough balls, and red velvet brownies. The best part? Each and every recipe is guilt-free, healthy, and absurdly delicious. Rachel also runs an awesome blog, check it out here. 


Blair Flynn is a yoga, wellness, and Whole Foods-obsessed blogger, who is a must follow. Blair has dealt with her fair share of digestive issues and anxiety, and consistently offers sound advice on how to deal with both. She also whips up some pretty sweet protein balls and avocado toast. 


Rachael DeVaux is a registered dietitian and really knows her stuff. She creates beautiful, well-balanced meals on a daily basis. Rachael is a die-hard fan of Crazy Richard's peanut butter, Eating Evolved chocolate, and her adorable puppies. If you're looking for a healthy desert, her cashew chocolate chip cookie skillet is currently blowing up across Instagram.


This Washington, DC-based mama bird is all about promoting whole body wellness. Her blog, In My Bowl, is filled with vegetarian recipes, advice for mothers and their babies, and wellness events. Her Instagram is covered in stunning photos of her adorable baby and dreamy food


Dana and John are the ultimate power duo. While John covers branding and product development, Dana creates recipes and takes photographs of her amazing creations, as seen on Instagram. Not only that, but she has also authored two cookbooks herself and has co-authored two others. Dana loves green smoothies, but also loves wine. Respect. 


Katie Lemons is a strong believer in proper nutrition and functional medicine. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful, healthy food. She gives great advice on the best supplements to take, as well as the best all-natural beauty products. Check out her carrot cake smoothie, here. 


Olivia Noceda is a Portland, Oregon native and is quite new to the blogging scene, but her Instagram has been on point for a while. Her blog covers health (mental, physical, and emotional), details of her life, and, of course, her go-to products and recipes. She will point you in the right direction for leading a positive, fulfilling life, and where to find the best places to dine in Portland. 


Adeline Waugh will add some color to your Instagram feed. She makes a stunning piece of toast - unicorn, avocado, mermaid, you name it. She's a food stylist and photographer content creator, and is seriously inspirational. On top of her colorful Instagram, she writes for The Body Book. 

These lovely ladies are extremely influential on Instagram and in the up-and-coming wellness obsessed world. Each offers individual stories and wonderful advice that promote a healthy lifestyle that anyone can get behind. Check them out today.