We all love avocado toast. It's there for us at the best of times--a relaxing Cali vacay or indulgent restaurant dish--and the worst of times--scrapping together something from the remainders of your fridge. But can we agree that we're tired of Everything but the Bagel seasoning? Avocado toast is like a blank canvas to paint a multitude of flavors, but the food world seems set on hitting the same note. Through its rise and fall of fame, taking off in around 2014 avocado toast has seen its days, which inevitably means it's due for a makeover. Here are some ways to keep your avo toast spicy. Move over Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, you've been dethroned.


Mia Rhee

Sriracha is a condiment common in Asian cooking with a smokey and spicy taste. Aside from the bold aesthetic and ability to make a beautiful, Instagram-worthy zig-zag, Sriracha also offers the flavor range of your spice cabinet in a single sauce. Hot peppers add the warm sensation of heat, while a splash of vinegar offers some tang to cut through the fatty avocado.


Tahini: never heard of it? Tahini is that slightly nutty flavor that is the backbone of almost every hummus. Avocados, similar in texture to the chickpea, prevalent in hummus, lend themselves nicely to a marriage with Tahini. Smash your avocados with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and schmear on some perfectly toasted bread. With a drizzle of tahini and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds to hone in on that nutty flavor, you've got yourself a glammed-out toast. If you're feeling extra bold top with hummus and some fresh veggies. 

Red Pepper Flakes

Beyond the drizzle, you can also spice up your avo toast with a shake of something. That's where the red pepper flake comes in. Ruby jewels of flavor, these are the great equalizer amongst spicy food lovers. Slightly mild and a little fruity, red pepper flakes offer a quick heat that is user-controlled. Plus, they won't burn your tongue off. Found in almost every grocery store food aisle and pantry, they are a humble spice that packs a punch.


When in doubt...herb it out. A squeeze of lime and some mint turns avocado toast into a fresh, summery breakfast. A splash of lemon, a drizzle of balsamic reduction, and a pinch of basil and it becomes an Italian avocado crostini. Chives, lemon, and a runny egg yolk: any citrus and herb combination both cuts through the avocado's richness while adding a depth of flavor and burst of freshness.


The fork slides into a soft yolk that spills over the side. Everything looks better with a luscious stream of golden yolk spilling gently down freshly toasted bread. Soft boiled or scrambled. Poached or over hard. Whites or yolks. All avo toast is instantly upgraded with an egg on top. Aside from adding some protein it also adds a little drama. Right?! 

Smoked Salmon

Lox isn't just for bagels. Like the fatty tang of cream cheese, the salty, buttery, and smooth lox pairs perfectly with a creamy avo smash.  The elegance of a good lox elevates the avocado toast from a simple breakfast to a fancy brunch.

It's officially time to say goodbye to Everything but the Bagel seasoning. Whether it be a drizzle, a shake, or a protein taking center stage, the best way to spice up your avocado toast is to experiment, mix, and match. Chives, with salmon, capers, and lemony avocado. Or maybe, red pepper flakes, and honey if you like it Kylie Jenner Style