As the it gets colder, we naturally gravitate towards any comfort food we can grab. For those who are looking for a new baked treat to satiate your cravings, try these underrated, yet deservingly divine assortment of Cantonese/Taiwanese baked goods.

“But I’m on a budget.” says everyone. Same. And that’s why these are some of the best options out there, ’cause at most Cantonese bakeries you only need about two dolla dolla bills to get anything you want.

As opposed to French pastries, Asian treats focus on soft textures and great chew from the elasticity of the dough. The dough tends to have its signature subtle sweetness, even in the savory snacks.

Pineapple Bun


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Simple is better, and these fluffy, doughy buns will prove just that. Called pineapple buns for their appearance, not for their flavor, these treats have a crispy, vanilla cookie exterior over a luscious cloud of dough. Sometimes they come with filling, including red bean, taro, and more.

Egg Custard Tart


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Fan of eggs? Here’s the eggiest egg dessert you can find. With a flaky, grandma-worthy pie crust, the custard filling bursts with a well-balanced mixture of egg, vanilla, and sugar.

Coconut Cream Bun


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A tropical twist on the standard cream bun — the coconut cream bun will be sure to satiate your craving for sweets with its light center and soft dough. Complete with a dusting of coconut flakes, this treat is a perfect marriage of bread and cake.

Roasted Pork Bun (Char Siu Bao) 


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Not interested in the sweet life? Here’s a savory option for you. Similar in texture to the pineapple bun, the roasted pork bun instead has a sweet and salty meat interior. The red color comes from the slow cooked pork marinated with a variety of condiments: Soy sauce, oyster sauce, and brown sugar.

Sponge Cake


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Light, intensely airy, and with the right amount of sweetness sponge cake can be the perfect little morsel to turn to after a long day. The simple sponge cake may be your cup of tea (and actually pairs quite nicely with a cup of tea). While similar to the Western angel cake, this bakery good reaches far beyond in levels of airiness.

While we’re constantly exposed to a European or traditional bakery, an Asian bakery has an interesting fusion of delicate and homey along with flavors quite common in the Asian regions, uncommon here. I think the allure of visiting an Asian bakery is to broaden one’s worldly perspective while still getting the full value of a sweet treat!

Located in any Chinese supermarket or Cantonese bakery, you are sure to find these standard treats sitting on the shelves. With little to no money, you can get an assortment of wonderful flavors.