The Jersey Shore cast has solidified their spots as iconic pop culture characters in entertainment. We've seen them hit the gym, tan and do laundry, but we've also seen them eat. We've been with them through episodes where they have had one huge home cooked Italian pasta meal, and Snooki's nickname is literally meatball. They told us what a smush room was and now they can tell us the best Staten Island eats.

When talking about the Jersey Shore characters, we know who we hate and which characters we love, but honestly, if it weren't for ALL of these characters coming together to form what is the Jersey Shore cast, we'd have nothing. There are many gems that are Staten Island eats, but appreciating the Staten Island food culture as a whole is also necessary!

So if you're a Snooki stan, or have a crush on Vinny, the list below will tell you Staten Island eats that will make you feel like you're one of the cast.

Pauly D - Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse

Their brand hashtag is #partyonthegrill, and what does every party need? A killer DJ. That DJ is Pauly D. The chefs at this hibachi steakhouse put on a show right in front of you. The majority of customers dine at this spot to celebrate their birthday. Tell the staff it's your birthday and a Japanese chef will come out to your table, light lasers flashing all around the room, and music you can fist bump to. Arirang will make your birthday celebration one you'll remember, YEAH BUDDY.

Sammi Sweetheart - Piece A Cake

This dessert spot could easily live up to the nickname Sammi "Sweetheart." Their cake is so good that if you just so happened to have a friend name Ronnie, and he tried to eat some of your dessert, you'd immediately yell "RON STAAAAHP." And while Jwoww and Snookie's legendary letter to Sammi, exposing Ronnie, is one we will always remember, it was a recipe for disaster. Piece A Cake's recipe for dessert definitely isn't that. Sammi's tagline was the sweetest b*tch you'll ever meet, and we all know that cake, cookies and ice cream are sweet, but if you're trying to lose weight, they can be a b*tch.

Mike "The Situation" - Lunchbox

Mike has thrown a lot of temper tantrums during his Jersey Shore career. When you go to Lunchbox and get transported back to the world of delicious junk food you devoured as a kid, you might just slam your head into a wall for seconds out of excitement. When Mike reappeared on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, viewers were surprised that he had traded in working out for eating as much food as possible. After trying their Tater Tot Tower (tots mixed with melted cheddar cheese, caramelized onions) or their O.G. Burga (big juicy steak patty with grilled cheese buns) and their four cheese mac and cheese balls, you'll know you're in a cheat day SITUATION.

Ronnie - Chef Mike's Rodizio Grill

Ronnie is the biggest guy in the house. So eating an all-you-can-eat meat buffet is probably only something he could do. Ronnie spent the majority of his time in the house fighting with Sammi Sweetheart, so we want him to avoid communication at all costs. If he hit up Mike's Rodizio, all he has to do is put in his order for the buffet, and they'll keep bringing him out food, no dialogue necessary. Ronnie doesn't need anything sweet, we can see that didn't work out. He needs meat! And he's already destroyed Mike the Situation, destroying Mike's Rodizio would be just as easy.

Snooki - Michael's Martini's And Meatballs

A restaurant called Meatballs and Martinis sounds like a location representation of Snooki. During Jersey Shore, Snooki began referring to herself and her castmate/friend Deena as "Meatballs." Snooki is also known for getting super wasted. So martinis plus meatballs equals Snooki. There's stuffed meatballs, cheese and sausage meatballs, sweet and sour meatballs, and many more meatballs options that can last Snooki an entire season of Jersey Shore.

Jwoww - South Fin Grill

A restaurant and bar right by the water? Beautiful. While you're dining and get a view of the Atlantic Ocean and Verrazano Bridge, you'll say JWOW. Jwoww was what we can consider the mature one of the Jersey Shore cast. She said before that she wasn't into the shenanigans, but was doing it for the money. She wasn't boring at all, she still knew how to have a good time but without being the center of attention. The Southfin Grill is an elegant restaurant with an outdoor ocean deck but with cocktails and a lounge, there's still time to turn up.

Vinny - Patrizia's of Staten Island

Vinny calls Staten Island his mom. He grew up on the island and is truly a native of the Italian borough. Because of this, Patrizia's, an Italian family style restaurant is where you should go if you're a Vinny lover. During Jersey Shore, Vinny was Pauly D's right hand man, but he was always a little bit more reserved than the other guys. Patrizia's isn't flashy, just delicious. In season 4 of Jersey Shore, Vinny's mom came to cook dinner for the Jersey Shore crew so we know Vinny appreciates a nice homecooked meal. At Patrizia's you'll feel like you're right at home as you dive into family style burrata, gnocchi pesto, and all the other Italian food gems on their menu. 

There aren't any grenades on this list of Staten Island eats, so feel free to try all the restaurants! We have Vinny, Jwoww, Pauly D, Snooki, Ronnie and Sammi to thank for giving us years entertainment. A lot of these Staten Island eats have been around for a long time too and makes it possible for T-Shirt Time and Eating Time to both exist.