I'm a student on a partial meal plan and in a permanent rush. In between classes and meetings, I'm one to grab a snack or quick lunch on Thayer Street. When I do so, I don't want to spend more than about $10, but still want to have a plethora of food options from pork gyoza to falafel. Here are five of my Thayer Street quick eats that are perfect for lunch or a snack on the go, all for $10 or under. 

Pork Gyoza at Den Den Korean Fried Chicken 

Just off of Thayer Street on Angell Street is Den Den Korean Fried Chicken, the cousin of Den Den Cafe Asiana which is a little further down the hill on Benefit Street. They serve traditional Korean fare, a plethora of appetizers, and their namesake–delicious Korean Fried Chicken available in a dark soy or spicy red sauce. I find the chicken to be a bit of a large and messy plate on the go, however, and instead opt for an order of Den Den's delicate, but filling, pork gyoza. These easily portable dumplings are pan-fried and filled with an addictive pork, cabbage, and ginger mixture. Once I call in my order it only takes 10-15 minutes to get light, well-balanced, and crispy gyoza, which come with a side of soy and vinegar sauce.  At only $7 for 6 dumplings, one order makes for a perfect and affordable lunch or snack. 

Chicken Parmesan Sub from Mike's Calzones

Rose Lang-Maso

 I'm an Italian-American college student who is always craving Italian food, but don't always have the time for a traditional 5-course meal. For only $9 at Mike's Calzones, I'm known to pick up a chicken parmesan sub. Fried crispy and covered in tomato sauce and cheese, this sandwich is a perfect way to get traditional Italian on the go. I usually get extra cheese on mine, which adds a certain decadence to the sandwich, makes it perfect to split in two, and provides that gooey, stretchy, Instagrammable cheese factor that I crave. Assembling this sandwich and making sure that the cheese is perfectly melted and crisped takes a little time, so you might want to call Mike's 15-20 minutes ahead if you want to pick the sub up on the go.

Loaded Chips from Baja's

Although Thayer Street now boasts two Baja's Tex Mex Grill locations, I'm loyal to the original Baja's, unofficially known as Baja's South. Located a bit further down Thayer Street, this Mexican eatery outdoes Chipotle on burritos and nachos, which Baja's calls loaded chips on the menu. Homemade chips are smothered with cheese, your choice of beans, and other toppings like rice, cooked vegetables, corn salsa, pico de gallo and other salsas, sour cream, guacamole, and lime. Although adding meat or shrimp comes at a premium of a dollar or two, guacamole is included, and the loaded chips are still under our $10 budget at only $6.99.

Falafel Pocket from East Side Pockets

East Side Pockets–a small, casual, eat-in and to-go Middle Eastern restaurant right in the heart of Thayer Street–by far has the most flavorful, crispiest, and overall best falafel around. You can get your falafel over a salad, a la carte as an appetizer, or  my preferred preparation: in a traditional wrap. For a little over $6, you can get a completely vegetarian falafel wrap with all of the toppings including fresh vegetables, hummus, tahini, feta, and other sauces in minutes. I personally like mine with everything except tomato–and again, like at Mike's I can't help but like some extra cheese. Sometimes, if you leave a tip in the tip jar, they'll even throw a small piece of baklava–a traditional pastry with nuts and honey–in your to-go bag, which is definitely worth it. 

Pizza by the slice at Antonio's Pizza

Last but certainly not least is both my 12 pm and 12 am standard: a warm slice from Antonio's pizza. Thicker, square cut slices of pizza and traditional pie cut slices of pizza are available. I like the classic pie cut slices myself, which come with expected toppings like cheese, pepperoni, or mozzarella, basil and tomato, as well as more unique toppings, like spicy chicken and tortellini as pictured above. To satisfy a late night craving, I've been known to get a slice of classic cheese and a slice of buffalo blue cheese. Prices per slice vary depending on the toppings you choose, but the slices range from approximately $3.50-$5.75. 

Whether you're rushing between meetings and exams, have a hankering for a late night snack, or just want an affordable bite to eat, these five convenient, mouthwatering Thayer Street eats are great options that can suit any craving or taste any day–and almost any time–of the week.