In my experience, it's difficult to find good pre-made pesto without parmesan cheese in it. However, this vegan pesto by Le Grand totally changed my perceptions and is so easy to use in recipes this summer. It's pre-made in a packet with a squeeze top, so you can easily spread it onto bread for a killer sandwich. Not all of their products are vegan; be sure to buy the garden version, which is certifiably vegan. 

The Brand

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Allison Curley

"Artisans of the Third Millenium" is the motto that Le Grand lives by. They make delicious products, "harnessing the power of plants" and healthy eating. On their main page, they post facts about the benefits of healthy eating, especially eating mostly plants as in a vegetarian style diet. It's nice to know about the goals of their products because it encourages healthy eating, and buying their products will set you up to do so. They also use simple and fresh ingredients, which is always better than chemicals and preservatives. 

What's It Made Of?

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By using only fresh basil and parsley, canola oil, sea salt, lemon juice, and garlic, this is 100% vegan pesto and uses simple, fresh ingredients to bring out the best flavor. It's really nice to read a food label without being unable to pronounce or understand half the ingredients. It's dairy-free and animal product-free, making it the perfect solution to eating well for yourself and for the planet, without sacrificing taste.

Recipe Ideas

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Allison Curley

I love pesto, especially this particular type that has the added benefit of being vegan. I put it on pasta, on sandwiches, and on crackers. Le Grand's vegan pesto is great to eat in these simple ways because it doesn't need a lot to back up its flavor. I even put it on chickpeas, which I also ate with crackers. 

This is way healthier than a lot of other spreads you could put on crackers; at only 100 calories and made with fresh herbs, it's a great alternative to other pestos that have unhealthy ingredients like cheese and chemicals. Be sure to also check out the Le Grand website for their recipe ideas.