After a long road of high-level training for for gymnastics in track that I  competed in during high school, I decided continuing my athletic career in college wasn’t for me. But living a healthy active lifestyle is something that still I value greatly. Stopping sports allowed me to explore the wonders of other forms of exercise, that don’t involve sports.

The one part of staying healthy that has interested me the most is nutrition. After working with dietitians and nutritionists on my diet, I’ve learned the importance of getting an adequate post-workout snack or meal. The reason I worked with a specialist was because I considered competing in an NPC fitness show. However, I have not yet competed in one since I am trying to adjust to first year of college as well as possible. I also worked with a trainer who taught me a lot about working out. Exercises range from all levels of intensity and target different areas of the body, so I’ve learned what foods work for different exercises. 

Miami University has a great main workout facility. The benefit of the main rec center is that on your way out you pass through their pro shop. Miami University's Rec Center Pro Shop isn’t huge, but there are some great post-workout snack options. Whether you just got done with a replenishing yoga class or repped out your max squat, you will be able to find something that works for you on your way out.


If you’re trying to get the most out of your last yoga session it is so important to not only rehydrate, but also make sure you consume a snack that is very natural. A healthy option could be a yogurt bowl or parfait topped with a sweet and salty trail mix. The practice of yoga is supposed to improve both your emotional and physical well being. Replenishing your body with antioxidants will help keep your mood and help your muscles recover. A great option that Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop offers is trail mix. My favorite brand that they offer is Second Nature. These nut mixes are full of antioxidants from the chewy dried fruit pieces to the crunchy roasted nuts. I would definitely recommend trying the Mediterranean Medley. You could also throw a handful into a cup of yogurt from the Rec Center if you are really hungry. 


Cardio ranges from running on the treadmill to attending a Zumba class. Miami’s Rec Center provides people with so many cardio opportunities, between their cardio equipment upstairs to their group fitness classes. Post cardio snacks should focus on carbohydrates, but also have a little bit of lean protein as well. One of the best options that Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop offers is the Starkist Lunch To Go. This little package contains tuna and crackers. This fills both your carb and protein needs. However, if you aren’t a fan of tuna or meat their is another great option offered. In the refrigerator section, they have hummus and pita. The chickpeas in the hummus will act as a great source of protein.

Weight Training

Post weight training always calls for protein. This will help build the muscle you are working toward. One of the quickest snacks that are filled with protein is one of the many protein bars that Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop has to offer. Whether you a die-hard cookie dough fan or have a peanut butter obsession, there is a protein bar that you will enjoy.

I normally try to go with the more naturally sourced protein bars. My go-to choice is an RX Bar. This contains dates, nuts, and egg whites. This is a dense and chewy bar that helps to fill me up and rebuild my muscle. However, I do love Quest Cookie Dough bars too. My favorite thing to do with this bar is unwrap it, pop it in the microwave for ten seconds, and then eat it. This makes it taste like you are eating a cookie. They even have a microwave in the pro shop so you can eat it this way on the go. I would definitely recommend trying this with your favorite protein bar.


My HIIT workouts always contain a little bit of everything. I always have cardio, bodyweight exercises, and some light weight lifting, and try to target all areas of my body. If this is the way your HIIT workouts are, you know that they really take it out of you. It is important to get a well-rounded, nutrient-dense snack post HIIT.

Try To make your post HIIT snack from Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop as interesting as your workout. My favorite thing to do is to grab an oatmeal cup, a quest protein powder packet, and a banana. I heat up the oatmeal, mix in the protein powder, and then top it with the banana. Don’t worry if protein oats aren’t your thing though. Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop has other great well-rounded foods. For example, Uncle Phil's Express salads are another one of my go-to lighter items. I especially like the chef salad with ham and turkey. It has a ton of protein and healthy fats in it.

Active Recovery

Active Recovery workouts are simple low-intensity workouts that get your muscles moving without working them too hard. I normally try to do light incline walks on the treadmill or a circuit of long stretches. Active Recovery workouts aren’t very demanding, so post workout your body doesn’t need too much.

My snack choices go either way. Either I go for the light snack or I decide to treat myself. If you need the active recovery day, you are probably working out pretty hard, so it is important to treat yourself for your hardworking. My favorite light snack is a Sargento Balanced Break. I like the mix of nuts and dried fruits in this. I am lactose intolerant, so I often skip the cheese, but I still really enjoy it without it. If I do choose to eat something a little less nutrient dense, I pick the Awaken dark chocolate bar. The caffeine in this really wakes me up for the rest of the day, and it tastes great too.

No matter what workout you just finished Miami’s Rec Center Pro Shop has a snack to refuel your body. The numerous kinds of protein bars to Uncle Phils Express salads and other pre-packaged snacks are all great post-workout snack options. I’d recommend trying out all of my favorites, but in the end, find what works best for you.