Ever have a massive craving for a waffle or burger at some obscene hour in the night? You know you'll do anything if you can eat this one particular food at this exact moment. Believe me I've had my fair share of these cravings since the school year started back up. I've lived in Atlanta my whole life, but my love for the late night food scene came to me recently. 

Starting college gave me the independence I needed to try new things, and so one of the first things I did was going out to small diners or national chain restaurants that stay open all night. Now it is a regular thing for my friends and I to go out for some late night food at least once a week. I feel like everyone should get the chance to experience the joy of food at 11pm or even 1am. 

This is a compiled list of some of my personal favorites, as well as some recommended to me by others. I'd like to call it your ultimate guide to the best places that serve late night food in Atlanta.

1. Waffle House

Who doesn't love Waffle House? Open 24 hours a day, they are one of my personal favorites to get some late night food. Not only are their waffles always phenomenal, but they also make the most varieties of hashbrowns I have ever seen. If you're watching your figure don't fear, they include calorie amounts next to each food option and have healthy substitutes for a lot of menu items. 

2. Steak 'n Shake

Steak 'n Shake is great because they are also open 24 hours and serve the largest array of milkshake flavors I have ever seen. Craving a Reese's? They got it. Wanting to sink your teeth into a piece of cake? They got that too, and so many more. They also serve some pretty rocking meals for under $4. They don't serve all day breakfast unfortunately, so if you can get yourself outta bed definitely try it sometime.

3. Pho 24

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Anyone who has taken a drive down Buford highway knows that their restaurant choices are hard to beat. One great place is Pho24, which serves all night Pho along with other Vietnamese delicacies. Don't let the name fool you though, they aren't open 24 hours (open 9am-6am). But really how strong is your Pho craving gonna be between 6am and 9am?

4. Marlow's Tavern

Experience the all around classic tavern vibe at Marlow's. Marlow's Tavern features a diverse menu of bar food and restaurant style meals. Seating at both the bar or in booths contributes to the casual tavern vibe. Chow down on a juicy burger while you take in the full experience.

5. McDonald's

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Classic fast food joint, serving all kinds of delicious food a lot of times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their all day breakfast menu is killer, complete with many different kids of McMuffins ranging from healthy to die hard unhealthy. Complete your order with one of their signature coffees and you'll be set to conquer your 2am hunger. 


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"International House of Pancakes" lives up to its name really well, serving some really good pancakes at all hours of the morning. Don't let the name fool you though, they still manage to serve some other hella breakfast foods like crepes, french toast and waffles. If you're not feeling breakfast don't feel left out. IHOP also serves classic diner meals, and even has a section of their menu devoted to bacon-filled meals.

7. Gladys Knight's Signature Chicken & Waffles

Gladys Knight's is known for their delicious chicken and waffles combo that will leave you craving more. I can't imagine why you would go to Gladys Knight's restaurant and not get chicken and waffles, but if you do they have plenty of other food options for you to choose from. Although they may not stay open that late on weekdays, just wait until the weekend rolls around. Knight's serves the best combo out there until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

8. Slice and Pint

At Slice and Pint they believe that your main food groups are pizza, beer, and chocolate. Besides pizza, Slice and Pint makes some other rocking foods like bacon knots, pesto chicken sandwich, and their specialty dessert- s'mores pizza. They don't stay open as late as the other restaurants listed here but it's worth mentioning because of their food options.

9. Burgerfi

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Initially, the price of the food threw me for a loop. I had heard that the prices were high and the food portions were small. Recently, I went to try it out, and it was a pretty good meal. Their burgers are juicy and have a range of different flavors, and their milkshakes are the stuff of dreams. When you feel like treating yourself, Burgerfi is the way to go.

10. Tin Lizzy's

Tin Lizzy's serves some really good classic cantina food at decent prices. My favorite thing to get from them is their tacos, because they have some interesting flavor profiles, including foods like steak and lobster without busting your wallet. Their nachos are also fantastic, you can create your own nacho combination if you don't like the ones they have on their menu.

11. Fellini's Pizza

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Fellini's is a really casual pizzeria that serves some awesome pizza. They have a limited selection of pizza options because the ones they provide are all you really need. Order just a slice or a whole pie, however hungry you feel. Their white pizza is a good choice, it's simple yet packed with flavor. 

12. Bo Bo Garden

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Feeling the need for some authentic Cantonese food? Well look no further and try Bo Bo Garden. They are great for both late night food but they also do large family style dinner well too. One of the most recommended dishes from here is to try their Peking Duck. They make it the classic way, blow up the duck so that the skin is thin and crispy. 

13. Majestic

This is about as classic diner as you can get. Open since the 1920's, this all night diner serves food that is to die for. Their slogan is "food that pleases" and they definitely accomplishes that feat. They unfortunately do not serve breakfast all day, so you need to go in the morning and then come back later for some late night food.

14. Krystal

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Krystal is a great place to get some late night food, especially for those who don't want to gorge themselves that late at night. Their sliders are small, but in the best way because you don't feel incredibly full after eating one. If you're feeling especially hungry though, they do offer orders of 12 or 24 of the sliders.

15. Octopus Bar

This is a little bit more of a high-end late night scene, but it's definitely worth checking out. They are open solely for the late night crowd, don't plan on going before 10:30pm. They come up with a new menu everyday so plan on being adventurous each time you go.